This is Like A Dream Come True

Who Would have though just an ordinary girl who travelled to London with her friends and sister, would meet Harry Styles and most importantly kissed him?


14. 14

Samantha's POV


*Few Months later*


So the girls and I have settled down into Harry and Louis' apartment. I have to say it is amazing. I mean I get to spend more time with Harry. Amy with Louis. We have learnt so much about them. They have with us as well. Niall and Liam also come down and they sometimes sleep with us. Zayn not so much because he is trying to hang with his girlfriend so she won't feel like she is alone. 


We are having a great time!


And it is true. Harry is a flirty. Not once did he leave my side and seriously. Whenever I left him for some reason he's always be there with a present for me. I mean he's so cute.  


Soon we were going to leave for the One Direction Australia tour. The boys told us that we had to be careful. But I am still so excited. Harry was going to meet my family. Wait let me refresh that One Direction are going to meet my family.


It feels so weird to refer the boys as One Direction. We are all close friends. No wait we are best friends and nothing will change that, and  half the time you forget they sing. I mean they are only human.


Tomorrow is when we are leaving on their privet jet for Australia. But not many fans knew as they were trying to keep it a secret. So we wouldn't be flooded by paparazzi or fans.


The boys were going to stay at my house as I had already planned it with my parents and well it was cheap. Jessica and Lisa were going back home and spend some time with their family. Since they were away for 3 months. But they are also spending a lot of time at mine and Charlotte.




"Have you got everything packed?" I asked Harry as we shuffled into his bed. Our suitcases were leaning against his wall. With the things we needed. But I wanted to be safe. I don't mean to sound picky but I like to have everything packed so we know.


"Yes love everything is packed" Harry said as he wrapped his arms around me.


He started stroking my hair softly as I moved over to rest my head on his chest.


We were going to have an early night since we had an early start. But the others were still partying in the lounge. And I can tell you they were partying hard.


Harry kissed the top of my forehead. "You mean the world to me, don't ever forget that beautiful" Harry whispered.


I tried to answer but I could feel myself falling into a deep sleep. "I... Love... You" I stirred. I felt myself drawn into my dreams.


Harry was the one. I mean he was the one. The one that I loved the most. Not just because I am a fan. But because I actually got to know the real Harry Styles and he is the most amazing guy ever. He treats every girl with respect and people forget that.


He was like a dream come true for me. Like I had finally found the missing piece of the puzzle in my life.


And I really do mean it when I said to him I love you. Or when I do say I love you.




"Samantha wake up" I felt someone nudge me.


I groaned. "Go away" I was so tried.


I then heard someone chuckle. I felt the bed life as Harry got up. I mean he is the only one in this room. Well I hope he was. Anyway. I remained where I was too tired to even move. 


What seemed like a second later. I felt strong hands move me to sit up. Harry picked me up and carried my bridle style to the car. I could tell it was dark. The air was so cold. I could hear almost everyone yawn.


Everyone got int the car. They were either half awake or sleeping. Well Harry and Louis were awake. Louis was driving which made me nervous. I had never been in a car when he drove.


Liam and Louis sat in the front of the car. Niall, Charlotte, Amy and Lisa in the middle. Zayn, Harry and I at the very back. Where it was quiet and i didn't have to wake up. Thank god. I could tell the I was practically lying on top of Harry for the whole car trip. Even Zayn fell asleep on Harry's shoulder. 


At some point of the car trip. I thought I saw a flash. Either Harry took a picture of me sleeping. Which would be bad. Or there was a storm coming in.




When we reached the airport I was wide awake. It was still dark outside which meant it didn't take us long to get down there.


Louis, Amy, Liam, Charlotte, Niall, Lisa, Zayn, Harry and I slowly made our way to the privet jet. Where we got in and took our seats.


And the privet jet was so amazing. It was also the first time the girls and I had ever been in one. (Note: Niall is getting a privet jet). 


Even though it was REALLY and TRULY early. Louis thought it would be a good idea to pour champagne  I don't think this is going to end well.


"Lou, I don't think I can drink at this time" I said to him as Louis had been forcing the glass of champagne into my hand. Zayn, Liam and Charlotte were asleep. Amy, Niall, Lisa, Louis and Harry had glasses of wine. I just stared at mine. I knew it was way to early to drink.


"Come on Sam, just on sip?" Louis said pounting.


"Fine" I said. Thinking was a sip turned into sculling.


"Whoa..." They all said in awe.


See I told you it was a bad idea for me to drink at the time. I bet you. I will get drunk.


"I need to pour you another now" Louis laughed and filled up my glass again.


This was going to a long and interesting flight.

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