This is Like A Dream Come True

Who Would have though just an ordinary girl who travelled to London with her friends and sister, would meet Harry Styles and most importantly kissed him?


13. 13

Harry's POV


Summer wanted to talk to me in privet so I followed her into the bedroom we slept in and Liam. (Teehee).


I knew something wasn't right... When her and Jessica were whispering. Liam and I had snapped our excitement. As we got into the room. I shut the door and we sat on the bed.


"What's up?" I asked Summer. She looked at me her eyes watering.


"Well the girls and I have to go back to Australia in a few weeks" Summer said.


What no she can't go! Not now not ever. I love her.


"We've run out of money... Mum's expecting us back home" Summer said crying a little and I held her close.


"Well.... You could always stay with me. You and the girls" I said.


I didn't want her to leave. She was my everything.


"We haven't got enough money..." "Don't be silly us boys have lots of money" I said pulling her back so I could look at her. "Please don't leave me I almost lost you once not again."


"I don't want to intrude" Summer started. "Hey! I love you! You and the girls are staying with us" I said rubbing her back to comfort her. "Does your mum know we're going out?" I whispered in her ear.


"No" Summer started. "Well give me your phone" I said smirking at her. Summer's eyes widened and she handed me her phone. I went through her contacts and found 'Mum <3'


I called. Summer was watching me with amusement. She was happy which was good. I got Summer to put her phone onto loud speaker.


"Hello?" I heard a female voice.

"Hi mum it's Summer" Summer said.

"Hey Summer"

"I have someone who wants to talk to you" Summer said winking at me. I chuckled.

"Oh! okay then..."

"Hello Summer's mum" I said into the speaker.

"This voice sounds familiar... Who is it?"

"Harry Styles" I said.

"What?? Oh my" I laughed at Summer's mums reaction.

"When Laura texted me that she saw you guys... I didn't actually think she made friends with you guys..."

"Well I can tell you we're more than friends" I said smiling.

"Are you and Summer going out?" I heard the voice get excited.

"Yes" I said.

"WHAT?" Summer and I laughed as we listened to her mother's reaction.

"Anyway I had something to ask you" I said taking the phone from Summer.

"Ask away"

"Can I kidnap your daughter her sister and friends for another few months? Because we've got a tour in Australia in a couple of month and I want to stay with her" I said looking deep into Summer's blue eyes.


Summer mouthed 'I love you' To me.

"I love you too" I mouthed back while I waited for an answer.


"As long as you take care of her"



Did I say that out loud?


Summer burst out laughing and planted her lips onto mine. We were interrupted by a female voice coming from the phone.


"Hahaha well okay Mr Styles I'll talk you you later! And I'm expecting to meet you on tour" 

"Yes I am looking forward to that" I said.


I finished the call with Summer's mother and we started laughing. I kissed Summer once more before we headed down to my apartment. She was so adorable...


When we went through the door. We were greet by Zayn.



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