This is Like A Dream Come True

Who Would have though just an ordinary girl who travelled to London with her friends and sister, would meet Harry Styles and most importantly kissed him?


12. 12

I woke up the next morning with the morning light snoring through my eyes. Today was going to be a good day. I could feel it. With sunshine no rain. Yes. I hate the rain.


I could feel someone behind me and it made me smile knowing who it was. Harry was still asleep. I could hear his slow breathing.


I was on the edge of the bed and I didn't want to wake Harry up so I stayed there. But then I realised I could see a dark shape lying on the ground beside my bed.


I focused and realised the person on the ground was Harry. I gigged a little. I must have knocked him out of bed.


Wait a minute.... If Harry was on the ground then who was next to me? I would have guessing Amy, Jessica or Lisa but the person felt bigger. I rolled around and screamed.


It was a really loud scream and it woke everyone up in the room. Liam was sleeping beside me. Well not anymore.


"Ahh" Liam screamed. "What are you doing in here?" He asked horrified.


"Me? This is my bed! What are you doing in it?" I yelled.


Harry got off the ground to check if I was okay. Jessica came running to the door. Harry and Jessica were in fits of laughter. While Liam and I were freaking out.


"Liam what are you doing?" Jessica managed to ask while she was laughing.


"I don't know" He cried.


"Liam sleep walks" Harry said while dying of laughter. Well, not dying. You know what I mean.




After we all calmed down we got up and ate pancakes Harry cooked. And yes he is a good cook. We were about to leave for Harry's apartment when Harry got a phone call.


"Hello?... Hi Louis how are you?... What?.. Are you serious?.... That's great.... Okay... Bye" Harry snapped his phone shut and picked me up.


"Whoa what are you doing? What did he say?" I asked as Harry was spinning me around in circles laughing with delight.


"Lou got a call" Harry said putting me back on the ground.


"Who from?" Liam immediately asked.


Harry ignore his question. "He got a call.... And we're going to Australia" Harry cheered.


"What? Oh my goodness that's great" I said.


"When are we leaving?" Liam asked excited.


"He's not sure yet... But I think in a few months time" Harry said then looked at me. "I'll be able to meet your family" He smirked.


"Yes, yes, you will" I said laughed.


Jessica tapped me on the shoulder. Remember how I said I could feel a good day. Well I was wrong.


"Um... Summer... We've got three weeks left here in London before we head back to Australia" She whispered.


"What?" I yelled back.


A little too loud as Liam and Harry turned to look at us.


"Mum is expecting us back in three weeks! besides we wouldn't have enough money to pay for our hotel room for a few more months" Jessica whispered.


So I finally get a boyfriend perfect for me and then I have to leave in a few weeks! This can't be happening.


"Can't we sort something out?" I whispered back.

Jessica shook her head. "We've got some gigs this week which should just pay off this week" She said.

So we have no more money?


I looked at Harry and he looked concerned  He knew something wasn't right with me and Jessica whispering  "Um Harry, can I talk with you in privet?"

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