This is Like A Dream Come True

Who Would have though just an ordinary girl who travelled to London with her friends and sister, would meet Harry Styles and most importantly kissed him?


11. 11


Sorry these chapters are short. I really am. I want to put a lot of chapters in



















After going for a long walk down the beach. We headed back to Harry and Louis' apartment.


Niall and Lisa ran ahead and were first inside. Harry and I slowly made our way to his house, holding hands. When we walked in. Niall and Lisa ran into Harry's bedroom and slammed the door shut.


Harry looked horrified.


"Hey" I said playfully and crashed my lips onto his.


I heard someone cough and looked up to see Liam staring at us.


"Sorry Liam" I said.


He laughed.


"Well since you bedroom is taken for the night, would you rather come back to my hotel room?" I asked Harry drawing circles on his chest.


Harry smirked, "Anything to be with you."


Aww how lucky am I?


"I love you babe" I said staring into his gorgeous eyes.


"Now lets go" I said taking his hand and dragging him out the front door.


"See you later guys" I called as we left.


"SEE YA" Louis and Amy screamed.


"DO NOT HURT MY BOY" Louis screamed.


I laughed.


"Don't worry Lou I couldn't he's too precious" I giggled.


Harry and I started walking towards the hotel.


"Wait" I said.


Harry stopped. I jumped onto his back and wrapped my legs around him. Getting a piggy back ride.


"Continue" I giggled.


Harry walked us towards the hotel and even carried me on the elevator. It was sort of awkward as an old man was in the same elevator as us. When we reached the seventh floor. Harry ran to our room. I gave him the key to the door which he unlocked.


Oh the mess. I had forgotten how mess our room was.


"Sorry about the mess" I said jumping off his back.


Clothes where all over the floor and on the couch.


"Well at least my room is cleaner" I said walking into the room Amy and I had slept in.


Harry followed and wrapped his arms around my waist.


We stayed in bed for a while. Watching TV. Yes the room had a plasma on the wall.


"Are you asleep?" Harry whispered in my ear.


"No" I whispered back.


Harry switched positions so he could see my face. He leaned in and kissed me. And I can tell you it was very long kiss. A very long kiss we both fell asleep kissing. Weird right.

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