This is Like A Dream Come True

Who Would have though just an ordinary girl who travelled to London with her friends and sister, would meet Harry Styles and most importantly kissed him?


10. 10


When Jessica and Liam got back and we finished Nandos, we decided to go for a walk.


"Were are we going?" I asked.


We were in the limousine, going somewhere for a walk. The boys weren't telling us where we were going and I was starting to freak out.


"You'll just have to wait and see" Harry smirked.


"Unfair" I said in a really girly voice. Yuck! I hate the voice...


Harry leaned in and pecked my lips.


"Ew yuck! Not when I'm in here" Niall said.


"Okay we're here" Zayn said who peeked out of the window.


He smirked, "Alright blindfolds on!"


"WHAT" I yelled. No one was ever going to put a blindfold on me.


I fought Harry (not really but tried to get away from the blindfold) but eventually he got it on me.


"Good girl" He said tapping my nose.


I poked my tongue out at him. Harry helped me out of the car, like the others helped the other girls out. 


The instant I got out the car, I knew where we were. The smell of the ocean hit my nose straight away and the salty wind blew my hair back.


Harry held my hand and lead me that way. You know I was trusting this boy because he could easily walk onto the road and get hit by a car with me, so my life was in his hands.


Well not really...




Harry sat me down on the sand and took the blindfold off. I opened my eyes and I stared at the ocean. It was beautiful! The orange sunset laid behind the deep blue ocean. It looked magical.


"Wow" Us girls all sat at the same time.


The boys smirked at each other.


Liam sat beside Jessica. Niall sat beside Lisa and Louis sat beside Amy. And last but not least Harry sat down beside me.


"Beautiful isn't it" I said admiring the view.


We were sitting on the sand dunes.


"Hmm, but not nearly as beautiful as you" Harry whispered in my ear. I turned and looked into eyes. He was stroking my long brown hair, moving bits off my face. I could tell he was really enjoying this moment, just like I was.


"I love you" Harry said.


"I love you too" I said.

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