This is Like A Dream Come True

Who Would have though just an ordinary girl who travelled to London with her friends and sister, would meet Harry Styles and most importantly kissed him?


1. 1

Samantha's POV

It's was nearly the end of the year. I just finished High School -Thank God~- So we were due for a party! Some of my friends and I have planned to go to London to celebrate! Yes, I know, I am very excited. London was one of the places I've been dying to see since One Direction hit the charts! Alright I will say it, I'm a huge fan. So? One Direction are everything to me. They have influenced my life and my taste it music.


I have a sister; Jessica, who is only a year and a bit younger than me, and we both sing. It's in our jeans. We have performed at Festivals, pubs and other places. We were home-schooled and mainly focused on music ever since we could sing. But that was a long, long time ago.


Charlotte, my friends; Amy and Lisa, and I were leaving for London tonight. So excited. And we have even booked gigs so we can earn money. Us four girls are in a band together. Our name 'Shooting Stars.' I have to say we are pretty good. Jessica and I sing, she plays a little guitar. I play a little guitar, drums and piano. Amy plays the drums and Jessica lead guitar.






Okay, so the girls were supposed to arrive ten minutes ago! I hope nothing has happened to them! They were usually always early, and so this time was the first time they are late! I'm really scared.


"Samantha, calm down! It's only ten minutes!" Jessica laughed at me. She was sitting on her bed, that was laid against the wall, on her laptop, humming to herself. 


I was sitting up on my bed. Which was next to Jessica's since we shared a room. I don't mind. Jess and I are close. I was staring out the window, watching to see if any cars stopped in our drive-way. Oh right I should tell you a little bit about myself I'm Samantha Jones and I have long brown curly hair and blue eyes. Amy, Lisa, Jessica and I live in Australia. It wasn't bad here. I would just love to live somewhere big- like London. Oh and I can't forget the part where I marry Harry Styles! Like the would ever happen anyway.


I was trying to take my mind off the girls so I started dreaming.


"Hmm, I think I would go marry Liam Payne the minute we meet" Jessica said thoughtfully. She the  shook her head. Like that was ever going ti happen.


All of a sudden a while car pulled outside the house, and two girls climbed out of the backbeats.


One had light brown curly hair, a sprinkle of freckles and sky-blue eyes, wearing a black hoodie, pink trackies and ugg boots. That was Amy, the crazy, party animal- But also clam- my best friend.


The other girl had dark brown wavy hair with blonde streaks, she had light brown eyes, wearing similar to Amy- a grey hoodie and orange trackies with ugg-boots. This was Lisa, the fun, chatty, exciting best friend.


"THEY'RE HERE" I squealed.




"HEY" I screamed and literally jumped on top of them. 'Oh my god!" Amy hiccuped as we landed on the drive-way, and Lisa bursted out laughing. As I got off the ground I help my two best friends up. Jessica walked out and greeted them giving them hugs.


"I can't believe we are going to London!" Lisa squealed.


All us girls jumped around in excitement.


"Okay, guys we've got an announcement" Amy said once we calmed down.


She glance side-ways at Jessica and they both smirked. I couldn't take it anymore.


"Okay guys, what did you do?" I asked smiling.


"Well, we might have just booked a hotel room close to Harry and Louis' apartment?" Amy said slowly trying to hold back her delighted scream.


I wasn't afraid to let it out. Lisa and I held hands and started jumping up and down in excitement.


"This is like a dream come true" I laughed.


"Yeah, but don't get too excited. It's not like we're ever going to see them or meet them" Jessica said, disappointment in her voice.


"Hey girls" Mum said as she walked up to us. 


"Hey" Lisa and Amy said in sync.


Mum hugged my friends.


"It's good to see you" Mum said.


They pulled back.


"Now, your flights leave at 4:05 pm tonight and it's almost 1 o'clock now, so we better head off" Mum said helping Lisa and Amy put there suitcases and band equipment into our silver van.


Jessica and I ran back into the house and grabbed our suitcases.


Okay so I wouldn't want you to think as me as a crazy fan. Like I wouldn't stalk One Direction. I know they'd want their personal space. But if I did see them. I would probably would run and give them a hug. Jessica and I walked out of the house with our suitcases. Do you think its weird we packed two months ago.


I can feel my heart pumping hard because I am so excited. There are a lot of good places in London that I want to see and  I would love to see another country.


"Come on Samantha! We are going to be late!" Jessica hurried me on.


"Alright, alright hold your horses" I said. 


We got to the sliver van and chucked our suitcase in.


"Careful now, you don't want to break something" Mum muttered as she rearranged the stacked suitcases.


I giggled and hopped into the backseats with Lisa and Amy. Jessica sat in the front with mum. Mum drove the van. Of course. After two hours of driving, mum slowly pulled into the airport and got the closet park to the terminal. Us four girls stopped our little party we had going on in the car and grabbed our luggage


Mum waled us into the airport and helped us give our luggage to the lady behind the counter. Yes, I know. We're eighteen and seventeen years old. But we still love our mum.


"Thank you so much" Amy said giving mm a hug.


"No problem" Mum said.


They pulled away.


"Now, you girls behave! I'll be expecting a call when you land" Mum smiled.


Jessica and I gave our mum hugs and kisses before we went through the check-outs. I really will miss my mum! And dad and my little brothers and sister.


"Let's do this" Lisa said.


We followed her through the airport till we found out entrance. After 45 minutes of waiting and mucking around. Our flight were called. we all lined up and took our seats in the plane. Amy and I sat together with a really nice lady. Jessica and Lisa sat together behind us. This was going to be a very long trip... Well, at least I have Amy, who was always making jokes which made me laugh.

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