Live and let die

When Zoe was 8 her mum took her to london to train as an MI6 agent but her bestfriend Louis tomlinson was kidnapped by the skulls and brainwaved. Cn Zoe save her bestfriend and what will happen when love is in the air


1. Scared


Zoe's pov   ''Tell me''he said 'Why would I tell you' he hit me again. 'I can give you so many reasons why you should not mess with me' he started going through a list and luckily he wasn't concentrating on the fact I was untying myself out of the ropes... 'See ya round Tomlinson' I smirked as I climbed up through the air vents. 'Grrrrrr' he looked really angry but I just laughed.'until the next time Zoe' he waved before disappearing... Shit he knows we're I'm heading shit, If I go back down and then out through the sewers.. No he will be waiting. Just keep going Zo  your nearly there. I heard some guards muttering about how Spain looks cold in a picture. I unhooked a smoke bomb from my belt and through it out of the grate.. 'Hey' they both said I ran out of the gates and up a tree until they passed me I wasn't safe. I heard them jog past and instantly jumped to the the ground and headed of in the one direction (haha see what I did there) 'hello bass patrol come in over' I said into my telecomunicator 'hey Zo that you' 'yep... We we need to go now so if you could just teleport me back to bass then I could' but before I was finished I was sitting in my chair at base...'thank you mark' he just pleasantly smiled :)  
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