Live and let die

When Zoe was 8 her mum took her to london to train as an MI6 agent but her bestfriend Louis tomlinson was kidnapped by the skulls and brainwaved. Cn Zoe save her bestfriend and what will happen when love is in the air


2. Lock your doors at night

Louis pov


'Again' I screamed at my minions 'you bloody fools come on' 

'who who Lou chill'' said Zayn

'I cant bloody chill she's got away again, and this time she took the USB with all the names, Identities and whereabouts of every single one of our agents'

'hey lou just relax everythings fine.. just go eat a carrot that'll calm ya down'' said harry... 'Hmmmm okay then but I trust you guys to not mess up'' I said pretending to cut my head off with me finger they all gulped.


Zoe's pov

Come on think Zo think' saidK

' think it's b563946120464638b9e7e494g5wghegdjdy73829e3bd6' I said 

K stroked my cheek 'thats my girl youve made your mum very proud' I just smiled I hate all this attention just cause i'm an MI6 agent and my mom is in charge. Mark typed in the code and hacked onto to Tomlinson's data network.. he brought up video chat.. 'well well well' said Tomlinson 'If it isnt our little get away' he smirked 'how did ya do that Zo how' 'Don't call me Zo Tomlinson'... ' I was just trying to be friendly Zoe love' I stuck my fingers up he seemed shocked but then he just smirked... 'still the same Zoe, you know since Niall has ran away we have room for one more, fancy joining us... It'll be just like the old times, you and I ruling the world' 'I would rather kill myself' I said 'well then I guess thats that anything more to say Zo' .... 'You better lock you doors at night Tomlinson because I know where you are and being the best agent in MI6 you can bet I will come and get you and then maybe we can sought some things out' 'oh Zo how I have missed you' 'Goodbye BooBear' he looked suprised I havent called him that since I was 8. We quickly cancelled the chat and I started crying. 'Hey' said mum'He will be back to normal soon just do the old Zoe trick' I hugged me mum and told her I was off to see Chloe my twin. 

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