Live and let die

When Zoe was 8 her mum took her to london to train as an MI6 agent but her bestfriend Louis tomlinson was kidnapped by the skulls and brainwaved. Cn Zoe save her bestfriend and what will happen when love is in the air


3. Chloe

Zoe's pov

  'Chloe' I said 'Chloe Chloe Chloe' I was starting to get worried. I shook her Lukewarm body until she opened her eyes. 'Sheees Zo what the hell was that for' 'sorry' I replied 'I was really worried about you, you wouldn't wake up' 'she just looked at me and waved her hand to close the door jeez my twin is so lazy :) 'So what happened' she asked  'Well I got the USB and we've just had a video hat with The Skull' I looked down at my feet. Chloe reached for my hand 'we'll get him back Zo don't worry I know you miss him and 10 years is a long time but you are the best spy I know and with me at your side you'll be even better' we both chuckled at the same time 'Love you Chlo' 'Love you Zo' we said as we hugged. 'Im expecting you out of bed in 2 days that's when we're getting him back' I told her 'well then I'm gonna get some sleep.     Chloe's pov   'See ya Zo' I said as she closed the door. I wish I could have gone with her before but mum said I wasn't well enough and all because I had poison injected into me.. Chloe had far worse her elbow popped out of its socket!  I heard another knock on the door 'who is it' 'meeeee' an Irish voice replied. 'Enter' Niall walked in handing me a bowl of something 'hey babe how've ya been' he asked... 'I'm fine I just wanna get out of bed I'm soooooooo bored' he just chuckled 'mmm yeh so funny' I said whilst eating drinking I dunno soup I think it was from the bowl. 'Who made this' I said 'your mum' oh that'll be why you can't give it a name' he chuckled again 'sleep now' he said 'I'll see ya tomorrow babe' he kissed me on the cheek before he left... I soon fell asleep 
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