A happy family a sequel to why and love never fails

Sara has gotten married to Niall, but other family members are waiting to seek revenge.


3. Say Uncle

       In the Niall household

I stopped reading right before Jacob took off his shirt because there was a knock at the door. Why did they have to ruin the moment. I opened the door to a man I didn't even know. But on his tag was my old last name smith.  "Who are you!!" I screamed. "A little friend." "Heard that before." He pushed past me into the house. "Bye bye." "You know you can't do it. Im your Neisse. I have your blood. It would be killing part of yourself."  "Who cares." He fired and it missed by 1 inch. Thankfully Niall came in and stopped him right before he shot."Niall! Thank you sooooooo much." "No problem." He was put in jail too but meanwhile....

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