A happy family a sequel to why and love never fails

Sara has gotten married to Niall, but other family members are waiting to seek revenge.


6. Missing child


             2 years later
My girl is Emma and my boy is Nick. Emma survived. I was reading Mocking Jay when I heard a cry. Then it stopped. I went to go check on the children but Emma was gone!!  "NIALL!! EMMA'S GONE!!!" I cried. "WHAT!?!?!?!?" Niall cried. I texted the boys if they had been taking care of Emma and they said no. When I called haz he started crying. I went to where all of it happened my dads house. There she was. My aunt. Niall was right. There is a crazy sister after me. She had Emma. In her belt was a knife and a pistol. I climbed to the roof and climbed down the chimney. I went up to her and said "remember me?" "Sure." "Why do you have my baby?" "I'm gonna avenge my brothers' deaths." She pulled out the knife. I called Niall and told him everything. He came right away and so did the boys. They broke down the door even though it was unlocked. "Super Liam to the rescue!" Liam shouted. Lou had two squirt guns. Niall and zayn are the only ones being serious right now their Emma's only hope. Haz called the police like always. The police came but she got away first. 


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