A happy family a sequel to why and love never fails

Sara has gotten married to Niall, but other family members are waiting to seek revenge.


5. Lunch and a killer


                    Back to Niall and Sara 
The boys came over for lunch. I got haz apple juice of course. "Hey we gotta go to practice c'mon Niall." Lou said " ok bye." I answered.
"No."Niall objected. "I can't leave her alone. Next thing we know we have a crazy sister that's trying to kill her." "Ok suit your self." Zayn said. They lady for the studio and Niall went to his room. This is a great day. I'll read more twilight. I began to read when there was a knock at the door. I put my book down and opened the door. I gasped. He pushed his way in and closed the door. "NIALL!!"I called. Niall came rushing down. "You." He pushes Niall away and kicked me down. "This dooface got you pregnant?!?!?" "Yea I'm married. I'm not a rag doll anymore I'm 24." He kicked my stomach and I felt something move"NOOOOOO" I screeched. Niall called the police. The police said he was gonna be executed. I went to the hospital and I had 2 babies one boy one girl. "The girl is suffering from brain damage. She might not make it" the doctor said. I was sobbing on Niall's shoulder. 

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