A happy family a sequel to why and love never fails

Sara has gotten married to Niall, but other family members are waiting to seek revenge.


7. Fight for a nice life

             3 years later

"Niall, I can't believe I'm sending my kids to school."I squealed. "Me neither it feels like so little time." I drove my kids to school. As I walked into the house,I knew something was wrong. "Hey katniss." Ugh not her." Why do you call me that." " Cuz your feisty like katniss never giving up. Sometimes that's a bad thing. I think you rubbed off on me." "So it's like the hunger games. You can be fox face. I kill you understand." I pulled out a knife. "Na ah ah." I threw it at her and hit. I called the police, told them the story and she got arrested. I can finally live a nice life without any crazy person trying to get me. I can live a good life, Niall, my kids, and me.


                       THE END

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