Love will never fail a sequel to Why

Sara gets captured by her father. Only one person can save the day. Is there a big secret behind all this madness? Read to find out.


5. What!?!?

Back at the Sara household

The Irish woman came in and I couldn't believe my eyes! She was Niall's mom! "Are you Niall's mom!?" I shouted. "Shut up."he murmured. "Zachary? What are you doing."she asked. She doesn't notice me. She pushed him aside to find me. The rag-doll, punching bag. Then Niall and the others ran in! "Mum?!?" Niall exclaimed"what are you doing here.""Can you believe I was in love with this man!Or MONSTER!" Niall pushed my father aside while haz called 911. 

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