Sara, a girl who likes with her father is abused every day. Until she runs away. The dream guy is there for her protecting her from her fathers revenge.


1. Why

Why. Why does everything turns on to me. That's all I want. A change. I have been through a lot. You might not even imagine the joy, pain, happiness, and sorrow. This is just me. We are all human. Some choose to do good. Some are bad. The question again is why. Why am I telling you all this useless information. I want to get straight to the point. Keep reading if you care about me and my interesting happily ever after and my sorrowful downfall. If you get bored or can't take it, put this down and walk away. It's your choice. At least you have one. In this story only two people do. The good guy and the bad guy. Well, here I am again, telling you useless information. I'll get on with it. 


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