Sara, a girl who likes with her father is abused every day. Until she runs away. The dream guy is there for her protecting her from her fathers revenge.


6. Too Loud!!!

Niall checked the clock. " Oh no! Simons gonna kill us! We're late!! Guys! Guys! We're late!!!" "Oh no" haz cried "Are you gonna be ok while we're gone?" "Sure"I answered. Then they left. Ok I'll watch. Some tv. I picked up the gadget thingy and pressed the red button. It turned on. History channel. Boring. I pressed another button and it became super loud. I decided the tv was malfunctioning and Niall would fix it later. I decided to cook myself some food. I pressed a button on the microwave and it beeped like crazy. I decided that was malfunctioning too. I decided to listen to music. I turned on the radio and turned a knob. It became super loud. It was too loud. Everything was bursting in my ears! I started to go in a corner and cry. 

         Back at the studio
"Are you sure she'll be ok?" "Yea Niall stop worrying." "I'm gonna go check on her."
"YOUR MISSING QUALITY PRACTICE TIME!!" Simon yelled "Who cares"I answered. 

        At Niall's house
Owwww!! The noise was too loud. I heard a loud click and started to cry harder. Someone was coming in. To hear my mess. I broke all Niall's things. He's probably gonna be really mad. Get up Sara. I told myself. Crying doesn't help anything you learned that. But I couldn't. All I could do was sit there and sob. Niall walked in and turned off the tv. He stopped the beeping, and turned off the radio. "Please don't be mad."I covered my head with my hands. "It's ok." He said. "You did nothing wrong." 

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