Sara, a girl who likes with her father is abused every day. Until she runs away. The dream guy is there for her protecting her from her fathers revenge.


3. Run

I jumped out the window and my leg started to hurt. I still ran and ran and ran. I got to a park and thought I outran him. I sat on a bench by the pond and looked at my reflection. Blood in my hair, a broken leg, a torn dress. I am the rat he says I am. I heard a rustling behind me and looked. Him. I ran and ran until I was sure he gave up. I knew he did when he called "I'll get you!!! Even if it's the last thing I do!!" I realized  I was in a front yard. Please no one see me, please no one see me. To late. A blondie came out. He looked at me and I hid my face. It was all bruised and bloody. My blonde hair was dirty and messy with a little blood. He held out his hand for me but I just sat there, waiting for the world go away. "Hello" he said. I like the accent. Irish? I stood up but my leg said no. I fell into his arms. His strong, protective arms. I stood up finally. He must think I'm a freak show. He took me inside and led me to a big couch. His house was huge. He must be rich. But who would spend money on a piece of junk like me? I lay down on the couch as he looked at my wounds. "We need to get you to a hospital." He said. As he said that four other guys walked in and saw me. I buried my face in the pillow but then saw Lou. 

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