Sara, a girl who likes with her father is abused every day. Until she runs away. The dream guy is there for her protecting her from her fathers revenge.


5. Blondie!!!

  The boys walked back in and one, called haz or hare, called 911. They brought me into a truck on a bed, which was totally not needed, and took me to the hospital. In a week I was better but still had a cast. The the five boys walked in.The nurse interrupted the moment and said "I've called your father. He's coming to pick you up." I scooted to the corner of the room very scared."Wa- What's wrong?" Blondie asked. "How did you get like this?" Haz asked. Lou told them everything. "Wow." They said. My father burst through the doors and saw me. Blondie jumped in front of me and said " DON'T YOU DARE LAY A HAND ON HER!!" The other boys jumped in too. "What are you doing?" I whispered. "Saving you." They answered. My dad had a knife. He went up to blondie and stabbed him in the leg. The police burst in and grabbed him by the arms. "I'll get you!!" He screeched. The nurse picked him up and put him on the bed. I then waited. And waited. Weeks passed and I was still in haz's place. Finally they called to pick up blondie. Haz went and came back with blondie and tacos. "Sorry for not introducing you to us." Blondie said. "I'm Niall, he's Zayn, he's Lou, he's haz, and he's Liam." "Ok" I replied. We all drove back to Niall's place. 

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