My Former Bully, Harry Styles

He abused me. He hurt me. He left me broken. And he comes back?----- Alexandra Bracefort was not popular in school, to say at the least. She was severely bullied, abused mentally and physically by others. Harry Styles was the worst out of them all. When he comes back a few years later, he claims he's a new person, that he's changed. He will do anything to gain Alex's trust. Will Alex forgive him, or will she always think of him as "My Former Bully, Harry Styles"?


2. Prologue

"Worthless! You are worthless! You deserve no place on this earth! You are a waste of space!" I was used to this. Just another day in school. For every syllable in 'you are worthless', the excruciating pain of a punch could be felt on my stomach.


I tried.


I tried to not let it get to me, but sooner or later I feel the tears stinging in my eyes.


"Aw! You gonna go crying to your mummy?" He fake pouted, slapping me on the face. The worst feeling that came with that, was not the feeling of his cool skin coming in contact. It was that I, in fact, could not 'go cry to my mummy'. She was dead.


The torture continues until I was lying helpless on the floor, streams of blood flowing out of all of the places they hit me.


"Bye, whore!" With one last kick to the side, he was gone. The teachers passed, just looking at me with disgust, like I did something to deserve this. I didn't. Everyday, one thing would cross my mind before I blacked out.




A/N: So this is my new Movella! The prologue, at least. So, I left over night and wake up to 4 favorites, 2 likes and 2/3 comments? (I can't remember. :P) I know it's not that good, but it WILL get better! Give it time. I am not the best writer, but I enjoy it a lot, so please no hate? Thank you, all of my lovely Lilies! You know the drill (well you do if you have read my other Movellas), If you read this, comment "I like pie." Have a good afternoon, my Lilies! LOVE YOUUU!!! I forgot to mention that I just woke up and its 2:00 pm where I live. :P Hehe, oops.


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