My Former Bully, Harry Styles

He abused me. He hurt me. He left me broken. And he comes back?----- Alexandra Bracefort was not popular in school, to say at the least. She was severely bullied, abused mentally and physically by others. Harry Styles was the worst out of them all. When he comes back a few years later, he claims he's a new person, that he's changed. He will do anything to gain Alex's trust. Will Alex forgive him, or will she always think of him as "My Former Bully, Harry Styles"?


6. Present Day

Alexandra's POV

***Present Day***

I woke up, getting out of bed and smiling.


It had been 2-3 years since I was adopted by Rick, and I was loving every second of it.


I dropped out of high school about a year after Harry left. A little late, right? Well, work was becoming too much and I couldn't handle the stress.


I had stopped cutting, lost the extra pounds by working out, let my hair grow out, grown maybe an inch taller, and gotten my life together now.


I was not the same Alex that I was when I was bullied. I looked quite different, I acted different, and I actually had a boyfriend.


I took a shower, changing into my work uniform.


Yes, I still lived in the same apartment, but Rick, or should I say dad, bought my food, paid the rent, and so forth.


I was entirely greatful for his kindness towards me. He could have just kicked me around like everyone else did. He could have neglected me and beat me like everyone else did. He could have just ignored my existence like everyone else did, but he didn't. He was with me through all of my hardships, he was there. He loved me like his own, and he treated me like none other.


I locked the door before making my way to work.


As I arrived at the restaurant, I noticed that it was dark.


I walked in, turning on the closest light.


Mary, a co-worker was there cleaning tables and such.


"Why so dark?" I asked.


"I'm afraid... Um... Work is off today."


"What? Why?"


"Well, Rick... He, um... He passed away in his sleep last night."


A/N: That is super short and terrible, I know. Absolutely the shortest and worst, nondetailed chapter that I have ever written. I'm ashamed. I suck at updating and writing, it's just that I have been quite busy. I hope you understand? This is just a filler, so I don't keep ya waitin' for so long. I love you, my Lilies. If you read this, comment 'Niam is my OTP' <3 xx


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