My Former Bully, Harry Styles

He abused me. He hurt me. He left me broken. And he comes back?----- Alexandra Bracefort was not popular in school, to say at the least. She was severely bullied, abused mentally and physically by others. Harry Styles was the worst out of them all. When he comes back a few years later, he claims he's a new person, that he's changed. He will do anything to gain Alex's trust. Will Alex forgive him, or will she always think of him as "My Former Bully, Harry Styles"?


5. His Last Day

Alexandra's POV

He punched me in the stomach, resulting in me bending over, groaning in pain. He took this as the opportunity to knee me in the face. I fell to the ground, feeling the blood pour from my new wounds.


"Really? You don't even put up a fight? You're weak!" He grabbed my hair, yanking me up to look at him. I winced in utter pain.


He slammed my back against the yellow lockers. We must have been on the freshman hallway. The freshman's lockers were yellow, the sophomore's lockers were orange, the junior's lockers were green, and the senior's lockers were blue.


I started to get light-headed, as my head came in contact with the cold metal.


Just remember, Alex. This is his last day. Make it through this and you're free. I reminded myself.


He then put his rather large hand around my neck, pushing hard against it. A crowd of people gathered.


People always came to watch. Some even joined in on the beating. Those people with nothing better to do with their lives than watch a small, helpless girl get abused by an older, much larger and stronger boy. Those people with such lowly lives that they enjoy watching me be tormented and tortured, not only physically, but mentally.


I let these words get to my head.














Waste of space.




That's exactly how I feel. Fat, ugly, like a whore, a slut, a bitch, useless, a waste of space, and mostly and definitely the worst, unwanted.


I was unwanted.


When I was just 4, my father joined the army, leaving me and my mother and brother behind. I was devastated. Sure I was only four, but I had feelings.


My mother died when I was 6. On my first day of kindergarten. She promised she would come back and pick me up after school, but she never did.


My brother took this extremely hard, and I don't blame him. He was there for her death. He was there in the car with my mother when she was T-boned. Just a few weeks later, after much time of being depressed, he ran away.


'I'll be back for you some day, Alex. Just remember that.' The last words he said to me before he left.


Guess what? Nine years later, and no sign, whatsoever, of Zac.


I was six when he ran away, what was I to do? I didn't know how to take care of myself, cook for myself, heck! I didn't even know how to clean myself! I just slept on the streets. No one seemed to care that a small, young girl was living on the streets. No one loved me, no one wanted me. I was unwanted. That word stung like a knife, pushed into my heart.


So now here I am, 15, and working all day after school, flipping burgers, just to gather up enough money to pay for my ratty one room apartment that is being held together by tape. I'm not going to complain, though. I've got a roof on my head and that, I am extremely thankful for.


How did I manage to get overweight? Well, at work I am treated like a princess. I work at Nando's and the owner absolutely adores me, and spoils me. One of the only reasons that I am still alive today.


His name is Rick, and he is just like my own father. He feeds me and even gives me some extra money when times are harder than they usually are. I love him like my own father, as well.


He is my rock. When I need someone to lean on, he is there. He knows me like the back of his hand, and he loves me like his own. He's even been talking about legally adopting me! I know that soon enough, I'll be legal to be on my own, but I won't take advantage of these three years that I have before adulthood.


A sudden slap to the face brought me out of my own little world and back to reality, and what was currently happening. It may sound weird, but I look forward to work everyday after school, it's the highlight of my day.


"How many times do we have to go over this? You listen to me when I'm talking to you!" He brought his fist up, throwing a punch to my face, my neck still resting inbetween his palms.


I nodded, causing him to laugh.


"You can't talk, either?" He spat in my face, and I flinched back and struggled to get free. No such luck.


I just needed to suck it up and this day would be over with soon enough, right?


He let go of my neck, not before squeezing it to where it was difficult catching a breath, and shoved me on the ground as the bell rang, leaving me lifeless and helpless on the floor.



He teased me some more, hitting, kicking, punching, kneeing, slapping, elbowing. The usual. Then the day was over.


This was it. The day I've been waiting for forever. I didn't dare ask why he was leaving, nor did I even care. Just as long as he was out of my life. For good. It was a dream come true!


His Last Day.


A/N: I don't really have anything to say other than I'm sorry about any spelling or grammar errors. :P OH! I just remembered; 21 favorites, 10 likes, and 27 fans? WTH?!?! I really appreciate it, all the support! It may not seem like much to you guys, but to me, it means the world! I love you, My Lilies! You're the bestest everrrrr!!!! If you read this comment, 'Directioners rule the world'





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