My Former Bully, Harry Styles

He abused me. He hurt me. He left me broken. And he comes back?----- Alexandra Bracefort was not popular in school, to say at the least. She was severely bullied, abused mentally and physically by others. Harry Styles was the worst out of them all. When he comes back a few years later, he claims he's a new person, that he's changed. He will do anything to gain Alex's trust. Will Alex forgive him, or will she always think of him as "My Former Bully, Harry Styles"?


7. He What?

Alexandra's POV

"W-w... H-he what?" I stuttered, on the verge of breaking down.


My life was over. He was my life, basically.


Rick was my life.


"I'm sorry." Marry said, the sweetest, most apologetic look on her face. A tear rolled down her cheek as she looked down and wiped the table.


I very slowly, fell to my knees, then sitting on my bum. I put my face in my hands, choking and sobbing. What was I to do now? I had saved up my money from working here.


It was just hard to believe that just like that... He was gone. In such a short matter of time. He was perfect one day, then the next he... Passes. Why? What have I ever done? I put up with all of that bull shit in school, finally drop out and get my life on track, and then with the snap of my fingers, it's gone? All taken away from me in a matter of minutes.


"The funeral is scheduled for Wednesday afternoon. 3 sharp. They want you to stand by his casket." She informed me.


I let it all sink in. Rick was gone. Funeral in 2 days. Standing in front of his cold, dead body. Open-casket.


"Who all is invited? Is it big, or small?" I barely chocked out, but she understood somehow.


"Just his immediate family. Some friends. Big, I guess you could say."


I sat there crying the rest of the day.


Two days passed, and it was the day of the funeral.


I had mostly been moping around, feeling sorry for myself. I could hardly bring myself to get up.


I didn't want to go to the funeral.


I couldn't.


Tears welled up in my eyes when realization hit me. He was really dead. It was the day of his funeral. The first time I would see him again since Sunday. Just this time, he wouldn't be alive. He would be white. Cold. Dead...


I got up out of bed, careful not to wake Blake, my boyfriend. He stayed the night with me, helping me through this.


He was perfect. I didn't deserve him. He comforted me, he was there for me, he loved me.


He told me that everything was going to be alright, that he would help me through this, that he would never leave me.


I believe him.


I got up, grabbing a knee length, flowy, black dress, and black heels that made me a few inches taller. I needed that extra height.


I took a shower, just mourning over my life. It all happened so fast.


"Babe." There was a knock on the bathroom door. Blake. "I need to use the bathroom."


"Okay, just a sec." I exited the shower, wrapping a towel around my now, probably too thin, body. I grabbed my clothes, makeup, and curling iron before opening the door.


I stood there a second, observing his natural beauty. He was too good for me.


His shortish blonde/brown hair, more brown than blonde. He had beautiful, light brown, honey, eyes, perfect white teeth, a nice, chiseled face, and was very tall and built. And I mean, very.


I left the bathroom to him, going into the room and taking off the towel. I slipped on the dress and sat at a vanity that was now installed in my room. I grabbed my makeup bag and curling iron, thinking of how to look.


I grabbed my straightener from the bottom drawer of my vanity, and straightened my long, wavy hair. I then curled the ends to perfection, smiling when I was satisfied.  Then, onto makeup.


I did my foundation, a black and brown smokey eye, put a lot of concealer under my eyes that were now purple and droopy, rosy pink cheeks, thick eyeliner and mascara, and lastly put some pinkish-mauveish color on my lips.


I looked as good as I was gonna get.


Blake came out dressed in a suit and tie (A/N: Teehee, I love that song by Justin Timberlake :P), and his hair messed up to perfection with gel.


Such little effort, so good looking.


"You look amazing." He kissed my cheek. "Are you ready to go?"


"Likewise! And I'm as ready as ever." I replied, grabbing my bag and his hand, and heading for the door.


He drove us to the place and we took a seat in the front pew, just as the memorial service started.


I was bawling by the time that it ended. So glad that I wore waterproof mascara.


We got up and went to the place where everyone would see the casket.


People would come by, shaking my hand and saying that they're sorry for my loss. I would just smile and nod.


I didn't want their sympathy.


Some would even give me a pack of tissues. (A/N: They did that to me at my Uncle Steve's funeral. I stood at the casket and people would shake my hand, giving me packs of tissues. :P I was crying the hardest out of my family. I'm the most sensitive.)


It was almost ending as I saw a familiar face come into the crowd.


I cowered in fear as he approached. Why was he here? What would he do to me?


He was soon right in front of me. He reached out his hand for me to shake. "Hi, I'm Rick's nephew, Harry."


A/N: DUN DUN DUN DUUUUNNNN!!!! :O How many of you saw that coming? Aha, that's what I thought! No one! Muahahahaa!!! I couldn't wait to post this chapter! So, Rick was Harry's uncle?!?!?! Say what?!?!?!! Okay, I'm getting wayyyy to into this... >.< Alright, I kind of owed you this chapter since the last one was rubbish. I hope you liked it, My Lilies! And I don't get many comments anymore, depressing. :( I LOVE YOUUU!!!! I have nothing for you to comment, so I'll leave a joke at the end. BYEEEE!!!



JOKE: What did Cinderella do when she got to the ball?


















SHE CHOKED!!!!! :'D Aha, so this was in my Imagines A/N too, but I can't get over this joke! It's too funny!!! :'D

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