My Former Bully, Harry Styles

He abused me. He hurt me. He left me broken. And he comes back?----- Alexandra Bracefort was not popular in school, to say at the least. She was severely bullied, abused mentally and physically by others. Harry Styles was the worst out of them all. When he comes back a few years later, he claims he's a new person, that he's changed. He will do anything to gain Alex's trust. Will Alex forgive him, or will she always think of him as "My Former Bully, Harry Styles"?


8. Harry's POV (S'bout time!)

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Harry's POV

"Louis! Shut up! I'm getting a phone call!" I shushed my best friend. Everyone stopped what they were doing and focused their attention on me.


It got kind of irritating so I left the room, sticking my right finger in my right ear, blocking out all of the sounds my friends were making in the room over. (A/N: Not like that, you dirty little perverts!)


"Hello?" I said cautiously, hoping it wasn't a fan that was creeping on me. Hey, it's happened before!


"Hello, is this Mr.Styles?" A womanly voice asked. She sounded around somewhere in her 50's. It almost sounded familiar, but only a tad.


"Uh..." I stuttered, not really sure if I should tell her. "Yeah?" I said, wearily, just in case it wasn't actually an elder lady.


"Harry! Oh my baby!" She said, I could almost hear a smile on the other side of the line. Who the heck was this woman, why does she have my number, and more importantly, why does she have my number?


"You don't mind me asking, but who is this?"


"Oh, honey! You don't recognize your old Aunt Sarah?" Then it clicked. Aunt Sarah? I hadn't spoken to her in 3 years! No wonder I didn't recognize the voice. It'd been so long! But why was she calling me now?


"Aunty Sarah? It's been so long! Why are you calling?"


I heard her take a deep breath and let it out shakily. Something was obviously bothering her. She took quite a while before answering.


"Well, baby... There's no easy way to say this, but... Y-your Uncle Ricky, he, um, p-passed away last night."


"W-what-" I stopped talking, my heart stopped beating, I stopped breathing. Everything became dizzy and before I knew it, everything was black. The last thing I heard when the phone dropped out of my hand and before I came crashing down was, "Harry? Harry, sweetie? Are you al-"



I quickly sat up straight, instantly regretting it as I brought my hand up to touch my throbbing head. What happened?


Then it all came back to me. Everything.


Phone call.


Woman voice.


Aunt Sarah.




Uncle Ricky.




Everything blurry.


Getting dizzy.


Aunty Sarah asking if I was alright.


Phone dropping.


Blacking out.


I still couldn't wrap my head around the thought. It was all so fast.


I was so close to him when I was still around home, I can't believe he was taken away from me so fast.


I was brought out of my thoughts by a loud voice yelling out, "NURSE! DOCTOR! HE'S AWAKE! I REPEAT, HE'S AWAKE!"


I would know that voice anywhere.




"Oi, Lou! Quiet down will ya? I've got a migraine here!"


I heard a slight chuckle and a faint "Sorry."


The nurse came in and asked me stupid questions such as my name, age, birthday, and other kinds of silly questions with obvious answers.


"How come I passed out Nurse," I stopped, squinting to see the name on her tag, "Rolanda?"


"Well, we believe it was from shock. Anything scary or shocking that could have caused this?" She asked, pushing her short black hair off of her shoulder.


"As a matter of fact, yes..." I referred to the news about my uncle.


"Okay, I think you'll be ready to go in just a little bit. I need to go get you some medication and a few prescription things before you leave."


She came back just a few minutes later with a bottle of pills and some other things I was supposed to take. She gave me a pill and a cup of water to cure the massive headache I had, then she discharged me.


"How long was I out?" I asked, curiously. This thought had never crossed my mind, but when I said it, it made me extremely curious.


"Oh, um, about..." Niall looked at his watch. "About 8 hours." He looked at me and smiled. I returned the smile and nodded.




"Not a problem."


I checked my Twitter in the cab back to my flat. Most of them were along the lines of:


'OMG! Poor baby! #GetWellSoonHarry Love you, @Harry_Styles'


'HARREH!! Hazza, r u ok? Wat hapnd? I hop ur ok! @Harry_Styles' Well they need a grammar/spell check.


And, so on.


I Tweeted a simple:


'I'm fine, guys! Thanks for the concern! Love all my Directioners! <3'


I instantly got 49k RT's and 51k favorites.


I called back my Aunt Sarah and asked when the funeral was.


She told me the time, place, and that I was allowed to bring the guys with me.


I gave her a quick, 'thankyou' and hung up.


"Well guys, it looks like we're going back to my hometown for a funeral"


A/N: I know, I made you wait all this time for a crap chapter but I think this story is going to get better! And I know you loved the pics of 5 Seconds Of Summer/Ashy! And just the other day, Heartbreak Girl hit 1 Million! :D I'm so proud of them. Proud to be part of the #5SOSFamily! We're all 'gangstaaaz' in this fandom, according to Lukey, Mikey, Cal, and Ash. xD Gotta love 'em! <3 xx


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