Nerd- A One Direction Story

Meet Jenna Travisman. Brown hair blue eyes. Sounds like your normal teen right? Wrong! She is a big nerd. So when a new student named Harry joins the school and is said to be partners with Jenna will everything change????


2. Time for Class

I was pretty sure Jason was going to do something bad to me, but luckily the bell rang. "LUCKY!" He smirked at me. "I have gym." He soon left. I sighed in relif. I better go to my english class. I walk in. Everybody in my classes are always serious and never late for class. As usaul all of them are sitting down. But there lay no more seats. "Why Don't you sit next to our new student Harry, Jenna?" Asks my english teacher.  I slowy sit down next to a boy with green eyes and curly hair. He was quite cute. I slowy pulled out a chair and sat next to him nervously. I wanted to make a good impresson. "We have a special poroject today." Mrs Thomson says smiling. All the special projects so far have just been boring extra work. "you will be visiting exotic locations all over our country. Australia." Smilied Mrs Thomson. "then you will right a report on the place. You are not allowed to research." Still the whole class cheered even I smilied a bit. "Here I have been making your partners." Mrs Thomson annouced. "Nicole and Jack, Lucy and Molly, Taliha Robert, Zayn and Katie (and no thats not zayn for 1D BTW) ......and Jenna and Harry. JENNA AND HARRY???? I go red. then I try to hide it. AM I REALLY WITH THAT CUTE BOY? she put a location on our paper our our tables.  We are visting Canberra. "Hi!." Says Harry smiling at me. "You could help me maybe around Australia?" I nod. "I have visited all around here. I am sure I can help you." i wasn't shy. "You will be starting tommorow. your parents know about this." Mrs thomson said. HAHAAAHAHAH! my parents let me do this??? there must be a mistake. Oh well. I raise my hand. "Mrs Thomson may I ask how will we get there???" I ask. "By plane of course. we have tickets." Mrs Thomson said. "AND EVERYONE TURN OVER THE OTHER PEICE OF PAPER FOR YOUR OTHER PLACE!" queensland. I have not been there since I was 7. cooool!

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