Nerd- A One Direction Story

Meet Jenna Travisman. Brown hair blue eyes. Sounds like your normal teen right? Wrong! She is a big nerd. So when a new student named Harry joins the school and is said to be partners with Jenna will everything change????


1. Meet Jenna.

I'm Jenna Travisman. I turn to my side. I hear my pink stopped alarm clock ringing in my ears. It was a present from my 10th birthday party. I try to turn the damn thing off, but I lazily miss and fall to the ground. I roll my eyes. I am quite a lazy girl. I struggle to get up then....finally silence. I check the time once again just to make sure. I check my 2008 cell phone. It is really old and its not even mine its my mums old one. she lets me use it. Hopefully I check for any texts from my older brother Michael. He has an exicting life travelling around the world. I have not seen him in a while. I wish I could be more like him. No texts. I put mums phone away. "Time for school." I say. I get dressed into my uniform, do my hair and teeth and eat a nice slice of toast. I put a tiny bit of lipstick on my lips like I always do. Well at least that's all my mum and stepfather allow. I grab my new purple schoolbag from target, and kiss my mum and stepfather on the cheek goodbye. I go out the door. I have always been that girl who is a nerd and a goodie goodie since I was only 3. I don't have any friends either not even the lame book club doesn't want to talk to me. I get bullied alot. Sometimes my mum is concered since I don't invite any friends over. I say I have plenty of friends but they are just really busy and I need to do my homework. I NEVER lie but I only lie about that because my mum will embrass me trying to find friends. She can be REALLY embrassing. I mean for my 10th birthday party and the pools she got me a barney cake. I never saw any of the children at the party EVER again. She ruined everything. But  I don't have the heart to tell her. Expect I do see ONE. He goes to my high school and he is so annoying. I WISH he will stop it and get over it. He ALWAYS chants Barney Barney Barney GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Whenever he sees me in the hallways.


There is a new student at my school today from Britan. His name is Harry. I shrug. I doubt it I really do. He will probably be like the rest laughing straight in my face I think frowning. I take my hair out of its little messy bun on the side. AHHH it feels good. My parents are SO protective. I mean ones not even my real parent not even related. They protect my privacy strongly.They hardly let me take out my hair which is a bit silly since there is nothing to do with privacy. They probably think all the boys will come attracted to me and start dating me. YEAH RIGHT!!!!! As if i ever would have a boyfriend! I'm almost at my high school. Chevolet road. I hear lots of noise; kids chatting laughing and eating loudly. I quickly re tie my messy bun and walk into the school building. "Hey it's the nerd girl!" says head basketball player Jason Decado. I look down at my sneakers.


THANK YOU!  PLease Leave a comment like or favourite if you would like me to update. Expect this story to have lots of fun twists and turns! -LOVE 1dniall XXXXX

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