Oh my Gawd

Red and Edmund were the perfect couple. No cheating, no lies, no on and off. Movie love, it was called. Until December 25th.


1. december 1st

Edmund looked like a wan lounge chair, but handsome nevertheless. His shoes were big on his feet, I assumed he had borrowed them from his dad. His hair was trimmed by hand, his face was bloodless; chalky with nerves. I held onto his ring finger and kissed his nose. "You look good tonight," I smiled. Edmund grabbed my arm and kissed my ear. 
"You do too."
In the 1976 Pinto Wagon, I whispered, "Where are you taking me tonight?" He gave me a soft nudge in the bra strap, which had wandered down my sunburn. I flicked it back over the mole on my shoulder and blushed. 
"I want it to be a surprise Red." I said no more and sunk into the car seat.
It was december 1st. Edmund's birthday, yet he was the one taking ME out. I felt special around him, and warm too. I snuggled into his shoulder and smiled. It was hard to get rid of my smile, because of how happy I felt. Edmund was sitting on cloud nine, staring down at me, his eyes like burnt sienna. 
"I love that we know everything about each other," I whispered again, moving my fringe behind my ear. 
"Sure. What's your favourite colour again?" Edmund laughed. So did I. 
"You're such an idiot," I giggled in a girly flirty voice. 
"See!" Edmund jumped. "You don't know everything about me."
I smiled. 
"I love that we can still learn things about each other, Red." 
"I think that's better than knowing everything."





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