I Just Can't Let You Go

Summer is a typical 16 year old girl. The only thing that really sets her apart from all of the other 16 year olds in the world is that she is dating international superstar Justin Bieber. But when her boyfriend is asked to record some songs with the biggest boy-band in the world, One Direction, she starts falling for the sexy dark-eyed, quiffed member of the band. She soon starts wondering if she should stay with Justin, or go off with Zayn. Who will she pick? Read "I Just Can't Let You Go" to find out!


1. Who?!

Summer's P.O.V.

"Babe. Babe wake up." I hear a familiar voice say. My ocean blue eyes flutter open to see a pair of chocolate eyes staring at me. "Good morning, beautiful." he says. "Good morning, Justin." I say back. I get out of bed and waddle into the kitchen. Mmm. I smell pancakes. I sit down in my usual chair and dive right in to the delicious food in front of me. "I have some good news." I hear Justin say from the kitchen. "What is it?" I ask. "Well, somebody asked me to come to their studio and record  few songs with them." he says. "Are you going to tell me who?" I ask him before taking a big sip of my orange juice. "Oh, yeah. Just a group called One Direction." he tells me. I can feel my eyes buldge out of my head as I choke on my juice. "Who?!?!?!" I asked, making sure I heard right. "One Direction. You know, Harry, Naill, Zayn, Liam and Louis." "OMG are you serious?! You know how much I love them! Can I please come with you? To like, your recording session?" I beg. He laughs. "Sure. Just don't embarrass me." "I have to find something to wear!" I yell and jump up and run up the stairs. I open my closet and decide to go casual. I pick out a white and blue striped form-fitting t-shirt, red skinny jeans and a navy blue jacket. I looked in the mirror and realized that I was wearing something that 2 of the 1D boys would wear (stripes and red jeans for Louis and a navy blue jacket for Harry) so I dcided to wear something for Niall, Liam, and Zayn. I put on white high-tops for Niall, my big nerd glasses for Zayn, and I grabbed a red, white, and navy blue plaid clutch bag for Liam. I put on my makeup and run downstairs to find Justin waiting for me by the door. He heard me coming and said "Hey, you ready to..." He looked at me and smiled. "Wow, Summer. You got an article of clothing for each boy. That's just crazy." I giggled and said "Don't worry. I am wearing something for you, too." "Really? What is it?" he asked. "You really want to know?" I asked him. He nodded and I said "I am wearing purple underwear." He started laughing. "TMI, Babe. C'mon, let's go." We hoped into the car and drove off towards the studio. I stared out the window and thought about some things. I am really excited to meet One Direction but I am also really nervous. I am not nervous about me or them, I am worried about Justin. You see, he gets jealous REALLY easily. So my plan is to just show the 1D boys and Justin that I belong to him; and only him. "We're here!" Justin exclaims. I gulp and slowly step out of the car.

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