I Just Can't Let You Go

Summer is a typical 16 year old girl. The only thing that really sets her apart from all of the other 16 year olds in the world is that she is dating international superstar Justin Bieber. But when her boyfriend is asked to record some songs with the biggest boy-band in the world, One Direction, she starts falling for the sexy dark-eyed, quiffed member of the band. She soon starts wondering if she should stay with Justin, or go off with Zayn. Who will she pick? Read "I Just Can't Let You Go" to find out!


7. Not Fair!

Liam's P.O.V.

The car ride home was completely quiet. I tried to start coversations but they didn't last very long. So like on the 5th try, I gave up. I sighed and decided to text Niall.


To: Nialler xD: Hey Niall. How are you and Justin?

From: Nialler xD: I'm Ok. But Justin is a wreck. ;(

To: Nialler xD:  ;(  We are heading towards Zayn's flat if you guys want to come?

From: Nialler xD: Sure. But what about J?

To: Nialler xD: Umm. Take him back to his house I guess.

From: Nialler xD: Ok. Will do.

To: Nialler xD: Hey Niall? Can I tell you something?

From: Nialler xD: Yeah. Anyhting. :)

To: Nialler xD: Well, I think that Zayn And Summer are a couple.

From: Nialler xD: What?!?! Are you sure? o_0

To: Nialler xD: Positive. Harry kissed Summer at the hospital an Zayn almost started crying. They are in the back seat cuddling.

From: Nialler xD: Uh Oh :O Don't tell Justin!

To: Nialler xD: I wont. And there's something else.

From: Nialler xD: Go on.....

To: Nialler xD: I REALLY like Summer and I am jealous of Zayn.

From: Nialler xD: Dude, I'm pretty sure we're all in love with Summer and jealous of Zayn.

To: Nialler xD: Yeah. I mean she is gorgeous. Her silky blonde hair, her sparkling blue eyes, her perfect skin, everything.

From: Nialler xD: Yeah. Well I got to go drop Justin off so I'll see you in a few.

To: Nialler xD: Ok. Bye Nialler.

From: Nialler xD: Bye.


Just then we pull up to the house. We all hop out of the car and walk up to the door. Zayn grabs his key and unlocks the door. We all walk in. Zayn motions Summer to follow him to his room on the third floor. They walk into the room and close the door. I sigh. Wishing I was as lucky as Zayn to have Summer all to myself. I walk into the living room and see Louis and Harry sitting on the couch. I sit in a chair facing them. "She didn't ikss me back." Harry says. "What?" I ask him. "Summer. In the hospital. She didn't kiss me back." he says again. "That's cause she has a thing with Zayn." Louis moans. I chuckle. "So I guess you like her too?" I asked Louis. "Yeah." he said blushing. "Ugh! So all 5 members of One Direction like the same girl. And Zayn gets her. Not fair!" Louis yells in his sassy tone. I laugh at his sass. Just then, Zayn and Summer walk down the stairs and into the living room, hand in hand. "Umm, guys?" Summer says, getting our attention. "We have something to tell you." "Summer and I are now a couple." Zayn anounces, smiling. "Great! Yay! Wonderful!" we all say cheerfully. Trying to hide our shame an dissapointment.


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