I Just Can't Let You Go

Summer is a typical 16 year old girl. The only thing that really sets her apart from all of the other 16 year olds in the world is that she is dating international superstar Justin Bieber. But when her boyfriend is asked to record some songs with the biggest boy-band in the world, One Direction, she starts falling for the sexy dark-eyed, quiffed member of the band. She soon starts wondering if she should stay with Justin, or go off with Zayn. Who will she pick? Read "I Just Can't Let You Go" to find out!


6. Hospital

Harry's P.O.V.

Liam, Louis and I arrive at the hospital. The nurse takes me into this room to get x-rays of my jaw. Once we are done she leads me into another room where Liam and Louis are already waiting for me. "The doctor will be with you boys soon." the nurse, Dianna, tells us. "Okay. Thank you." says Liam. We all sit in silence until the doctor comes in. "Hello boys." he says. "I am Dr. Martin." He looks at me and says "Dear boy! It seems as if you have broken your jaw." I nod and he starts feeling my jaw. I tense up in pain. "Owww." I yell. "Well Mr. Styles you are going to have to take medication for the pain and swelling. I recomend that you stay inside your house for the next 2 weeks or so. And keep ice on it. It will help the pain and swelling also." "Thanks." I say. I tense up again. It hurts just to talk. "And try not talking for a while. If you talk too much then it wil just get worse." He tells me. "Thank you Dr. Martin." Louis says. We walk out the door and into the waiting room. I see Summer and Zayn waiting for us. Summer leaps out of her chair and runs up to me. She stops right in front of me, debating on how to hug me and not hurt me. She finally hugs me. I wrap my arms around her. I smell her perfume. It smells like vanilla with a hint of brown sugar. She is so beautiful. She starts to cry. "Harry, I am s-so sorry. This is all m-my f-f-fault." she says between sobs. "It's not your fault." I say. "It's mine. I shouldn't have been a pervert." "Harry you were drunk. Both you and Justin had no idea what you were doing." she tells me. She looks up at me and I look down at her. This is perfect. I lean down and kiss her on the lips. It hurts, but I honestly don't mind. She just stands there. Suprised. I pull away and sigh. She didn't kiss back. She turns around and looks at Zayn. Zayn looks like he is about to cry. "Zayn? Are you okay?" Liam asks. Zayn looks at the ground. "I'm fine." he says. "Let's just go home."

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