I Just Can't Let You Go

Summer is a typical 16 year old girl. The only thing that really sets her apart from all of the other 16 year olds in the world is that she is dating international superstar Justin Bieber. But when her boyfriend is asked to record some songs with the biggest boy-band in the world, One Direction, she starts falling for the sexy dark-eyed, quiffed member of the band. She soon starts wondering if she should stay with Justin, or go off with Zayn. Who will she pick? Read "I Just Can't Let You Go" to find out!


4. Author's Note (Please Read)

*Author's Note*

Sorry guys but I just wanted to tell you some things.

1) This is just a STORY.

2) Things that happen in stories would most likely NOT happen in real life.

3)You have to put things in a story that would not happen in real life in order to keep it interesting.

4) Please don't critacize my story. I am new here and this is my first fan-fic.

READ THIS PART!!!---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------->---->------> I know I am not very far in the story yet so you don't really know the character's COMPLETE personallities. But I want you to vote. Who would you like to see together? After a while I will see what the majority of people wants and I will try to put those 2 people together in the story.

Chose One Of The Following:

#TeamSustin (Summer and Justin)

#TeamSarry (Summer and Harry)

#TeamSiall (Summer and Niall)

#TeamSiam (Summer and Liam)

#TeamSouis (Summer and Louis)

#TeamSayn (Summer and Zayn)

Comment who you want to see as a couple.

THANK YOU MY MAGICAL IRISH CUPCAKES!!!!!!!<----------------------------------------------- I don't know....I was bored. o_0

P.S. If you want to see what Summer looks like then click this link: http://totalfratmove.com/wpcontent/uploads/2012/01/5a5a91d6f770c8185a05d41a0b85225466326311.jpg

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