book of breakups volume #1

whats the worst way to say, 'let's break up.'
1. I'll just cut to the chase, I don't love you anymore. Actually *laugh laugh* i hate you.
2. ...and I'm going to need that necklace back.
3. ....if you don't start using proactive.
4. it was a joke!
5. are you always this fat in jeans, because if you are....


1. Not A Good Thing To Say

If you're a guy and you're reading this; take out your note pad and ink pen and jot this down. Coz later in life, you'll want to know what to say and what not to say. This introduces our first chapter: Not A Good Thing To Say.


- Are you always this fat in jeans? 
Thumbs up

- You're butt looks cute in those jeans.



'- I don't love you anymore and there was no easier way to say it.

Thumbs up

- I'm love you, but I need some time.



- You look like a hooker.

Thumbs up 

- You look gorgeous with lots of makeup but your such a natural beauty.


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