Puzzle Pieces

My life was great I had the best friends anyone could ever have, I had a great family, I wasn't that rich but either than that my life was good. So it seems like my life is great like very puzzle piece of my life was coming together but i was missing something it was love. Now that was what i was out there to find. But one day that mission to find love got taken away by 2 words arranged marriage. Not just that to a complete stuck up jerk, who doesn't care about anything else but himself, his name was.....Harry Styles. She despised him as he did too her. That's when my puzzle came apart.
Will Felicity and Harry get through there love hate relationship?
Will they end up falling?


1. First Day

I spooned my cereal out of the bowl. Danette (pronounced dan-a) rushed down the stairs grabbed my bowl of the table. 

"Hey!" I shouted. She just shrugged. "Dont be selfish. Im hungry, get your own bowl." "That was my bowl." My mum came downstairs in her normal work clothes. 

"What's going on right now?" My mum asked, placing her purse on the other side of the table. Before I even could say anything, my mum cut me off. "I don't even wanna know, both of you should be mature enough to sort it out." Nette (pronounced nay, nickname of Danette) and I glared at mum, thanks for helping! I threw my spoon in the sink and grabbed my bag. Mum looked at me with a warning look. I ignored her and just walked out the front door, hoping that won't earn a lecture tonight. 

"Hey dad, I'm going now.' I made a quick pit stop at the porch to kiss my dad on the cheek goodbye. He just smiled and returned to his coffee and newspaper. I took his keys and walked to the car. Off to school again...

- - - - -

I pulled up in the parking lot. People surrounded me. First day back. A regular day filled with classes and naps inbetween them. Another day with people bullying me and having no friends. I had like, one or two friends but they like, moved out of the country. I stepped out and hitched my bag on my shoulder. I slammed the door shut and walked up the path. The bell rang the moment I walked into the hallway. Great timing. 

First class, Home Economics.

After a few flights of stairs, I reached the classroom. I though nothing of it and I just walked in the room and sat on the furthest seat possible.The class slowly filled up, one by one. Soon the teacher came in settling us down. 

"Ok, class, I'm Miss Kelly. Welcome back. Now it's not the holidays anymore so please concentrate in every class you have this year. Now, who knows about Home Eco?" A few hands raised. This will be a long day. She picked the guy sitting next to me. He had blond hair and blue eyes.

"Home Eco is when we learn about life and what is to be expected." He was Irish? That's new. "Yes, Niall, very correct." Niall sounded very unique. He just nodded and looked down, playing with his book. She turned around to the whiteboard and wrote something on it. She stepped away and asked "who knows what early marriage is?"

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