Imagine One Direction!

Imagine One Direction! Hi if you would like me to write you an imagine just leave your name, a short description of your personality, which One Direction boy you would like to be with, and what you want it to be about! Enjoy!


1. (Y/N) and Liam

Jades POV:

"Your Fired!" yelled your boss. you stood there frozen and unable to speak due to the lump in your throat.

"Leave now!" he barked. You ducked out of the small cafe you worked at, well used to work at, and started on your 10 mile walk home. Tears were filling your eyes but you held them back in fear that people would make fun of you  for crying in public. About 2 miles into your walk thunder ripped through the clouds and it began to pour. Icy raindrops rocketed through the sky engulfing you and threatening to give you hypothermia. Somewhere in the middle of your shock the baracade that was keeping the tears from leaving your eyes burst. Hot sticky tears flowed freely down your once rosy cheeks. You started sprinting, your heart pounding, adrenaline rushing through your veins. You ran and ran until you were far from town, until the road was no longer in sight, until you could run no more and you collapsed in the middle of a forest somewhere. You were now far from your old boss and the rain clouds that still hovered miles away, and even with your heart going a thousand miles a minute and your knees quivering in pain you were content and a faint smile could have been seen creeping across your lips. you sat there for hours doing nothing, not thinking, just laying there until the rustle of the leaves turned into a sweet sounding lullaby and the earth caressed you dragging you into a long but needed sleep. You woke up days later, the bright light was burning into your pupils causing you to groan, and a pounding headache was creeping up the back of your neck and into your skull. Your whole body was sore but you forced yourself to sit up. Then it all came back to you, the tears, the rain, your boss. You let your body slump down again. You planned on just letting yourself die, but then you heard a voice, a warm sweet voice and you wanted to go to it.

"Help!" you croaked. You thought you were done for when suddenly a handsome man pushed through the bushes. He had a shaved head and comforting milk chocolate eyes.

"Oh my god are you okay?!" he said as he kneeled beside you. You tried to explain but only could muster out a small whimper and yet another tear escaped your eye. He quickly wiped it away, picked you up bridal style, and began to walk. You didn't know this man but something about him made you trust him, something familiar, and you fell asleep in his big strong arms.. When you woke up again you felt much better. You were on a soft fluffy couch and you were in a big Rolling Stones t shirt and some sweat pants. Just then the man who saved you walked into the room. He was carrying a tray with tea and fresh cookies on it,

"Oh your awake!" he said "I'm sorry i didn't introduce myself properly but I'm Liam, and who are you may i ask?."

"Oh um I'm (Y/N)." you replied.

"So what exactly caused me to find you half dead in the forest?" he asked hesitantly. You explained everything to him and he was really sweet about it. Once you were all better he drove you home and walked you to your front door.

"I really want to see you again (Y/N)" Liam murmured. you looked up at him under your eyelashes and blushed.

"May i have your number?" he asked hopefully. You nodded and scribbled down the number on a sticky note for him.

"Good bye Liam and Thank you for everything." you said. you both stood their quietly for a second. You frowned because you had hoped that he would kiss you and you turned to walk inside.

"Wait! One more thing!" he yelled. you turned around Liam put one hand on the back of your neck and cupped your face with the other. He pulled his lips to yours and kissed you. You stood there in shock at first and then you kissed back. Your lips moved in sync and he licked your bottom lip asking for entrance. You gave it to him. Your tounges dance for a while until he suddenly pulled away.

"Until next time?" you asked. He simply winked and walked away. You went inside and shut the door behind you. You did a little happy dance and you knew this was the start of a beautiful relationship.












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