Imagine One Direction!

Imagine One Direction! Hi if you would like me to write you an imagine just leave your name, a short description of your personality, which One Direction boy you would like to be with, and what you want it to be about! Enjoy!


5. Sarah and Harry

"I challenge you to a game of football (soccer)! yelled your boyfriend harry

"okay!" you exclaimed. This would be easy since you had years of experience and he didn't.

"If i win you have to kiss me, and if you win you have to kiss me!" laughed Harry. You were about to object but Harry was already running towards the goal kicking the ball. You caught up with him easily and stole the ball kicking it the opposite way across the field and scoring a goal.

"I win!" you said proudly.

"Oh no you don't." said Harry smiling devilishly. He ran at you and knocked you down in the mud. He pinned you too the ground.

"I win." he said.

"Harry, we both know i won fair and square!" you fought back. you pushed Harry off of you and started to walk away, a little upset that you got mud on your new cleats already, but Harry grabbed your wrist and scooped up a fistful of mud and held it over his head.

"Harry don't!" you pleaded. you did not want more mud on you then there already was.

"I won't throw this mud at you, if you say that i won." smiled harry.

"Fine you win." you said sarcastically being happy.

"Good!" said harry while flinging the mud at your chest.

"Harry!" you yelled.

"Aw I'm sorry baby. Can i have my prize now?" harry asked talking like a sad infant.

"Ugh fine, but only because your so cute and i just can't resist." you said smiling. You grabbed his shirt and pulled him close pressing your lips to his. You kissed him passionately for a few minutes even though you were both covered in mud.

"I love you so much, Sarah" said Harry.

"I love you too Hazza, now lets go get cleaned up." you replied. You walked home hand in hand getting lots of stares. When you arrived home you took showers and then cuddle on the couch until you fell asleep exhausted from your day of play.


(A/N) I hope you like it Sarah! Xx

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