Imagine One Direction!

Imagine One Direction! Hi if you would like me to write you an imagine just leave your name, a short description of your personality, which One Direction boy you would like to be with, and what you want it to be about! Enjoy!


2. Renee and Niall

You and Niall have been dating for 3 years now and you both couldn't be happier. You were so excited because tonight he was going to take you out on a special dinner date. Your best friends Jasmine Brooke and Maddie came over to help you get ready. First they took you shopping. They picked out a cute floral dress with a brown belt for the waist  and brown flats with studs on the top. When you got back from shopping Maddie got right to work on your hair. She used a straightener to do loose curls on the tips of your blonde locks and then added a headband that matched your dress to pull back your bangs. Then Jasmine gave you a facial. She put a grapefruit face mask on you and put cucumbers on your eyes. Once the mask was rinsed off, Brooke  did your makeup, She put  on a light foundation and gave you rosy cheeks. Then she curled your eyelashes and added a light layer of mascara. After some light pink lip gloss all the girls helped you into your outfit being extra careful not to mess up your hair or makeup. As soon as you slipped your shoes on the doorbell rang. You skipped to the door and pulled it open. Niall was standing there leaning against the door frame. You couldn't believe how amazing he looked.

"Ready to go Renee?"  he asked.

"yup!" you said while popping the p. You both walked outside holding hands. When you looked up you saw that Niall had gotten a limo to drive you to your date. You couldn't believe him, he was so sweet and loved to spoil you. The whole way Niall talked about why he loved you so much and rubbed small circles on the back of your hand with his thumb. You pulled up to a beautiful restaurant. A tall, lean man with a french accent walked out to greet you.

"Right zis way Mr. Horan." he said. The man led you through the restaurant and stopped at a beautifully decorated table with a candle and a boquet of roses. You and Niall talked the whole night and ate delicious food. Niall also gave you a promise ring. He promised to love you forever and that one day he would make you his bride. Later in the evening you and Niall went home and you fell asleep cuddling with him and watching Disney movies. It was the most perfect night ever.


(A/N) I know its not that good but i wrote it at 1 am. I hope its what you wanted, Renee. Xx

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