Imagine One Direction!

Imagine One Direction! Hi if you would like me to write you an imagine just leave your name, a short description of your personality, which One Direction boy you would like to be with, and what you want it to be about! Enjoy!


3. Beth and Niall

You were warming up for your dance class when your instructor walked in and announced that Niall Horan would be watching the class to pick a dancer for his band 'One Direction's' new music video. You were so excited because you had a huge crush on Niall  but no one knew that. Just then Niall walked into the studio.

"Okay class, lets begin our jazz dance to the song "ladies choice" from the musical hairspray!" yelled your instructor. You all started the dance. It was your favorite because it was so upbeat and happy. You watched as Niall's eyes scanned the classroom back and forth. Suddenly his eyes landed on you. You felt your heart flutter. His eyes pierced into your skull and you couldn't look away.

"I've decided!" shouted Niall. Everyone started talking amongst each other excitedly.

"You all did amazingly well but i can only chose one of you, so with that being said, i choose her!" said Niall pointing the back of the room. You followed his gaze and realized he was pointing at you. You felt your heart skip a beat as you started shuffling towards him.

"And what might your name be beautiful?" asked Niall

"B-Beth." you stuttered.

"That's a gorgeous name, love." he smiled. You felt your cheeks go pink and you looked down hoping no one would notice. You heard the whole class snicker.  You blushed even more.

"That's okay, I thought it was cute." Niall whispered into your ear. You smiled and mouthed a Thank you to him

"So can i have your number so that i can contact you about the... dance?" Niall asked. You sensed a hint of sarcasm in his voice when he said 'dance'.

"Sure!" you replied a little to eagerly as you wrote down your number for him. He chuckled.

"Well I'll call you tonight, so we can arrange a time to discuss the dance together." said Niall. You just nodded your head grinning from ear to ear. Niall kissed your cheek, winked at the rest of the class, spun on his heel and was out the door just as quickly as he had came. You turned around to see the whole class staring at you with mouths agape and jealousy burning in their eyes. You just shrugged and got right back to dancing. That night Niall did call you and you planned a time and place to meet. One thing led to another and you and Niall became more than friends. You had found your prince and he had finally found his princess.


(A/N) I hope you like it beth! Xx

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