Imagine One Direction!

Imagine One Direction! Hi if you would like me to write you an imagine just leave your name, a short description of your personality, which One Direction boy you would like to be with, and what you want it to be about! Enjoy!


4. Bane and Louis, Kathryn and Niall

You could hear the snickers erupting from the crowd around you as the two captains of the wrestling team slammed you and your best friend Kathryn against the lockers. You winced in pain for the 3rd time this week. These boys had been bullying you since elementary school. They were about to start throwing punches at your stomach when you heard two familiar voices.

"Hey leave our girlfriends alone!" yelled your boyfriend Louis Tomlinson.

"Ya, your gonna regret that!" said Kathryn's boyfriend Niall Horan. Even though the two boys who had bullied you were captains of the wrestling team, Louis and Niall were captains of the foot ball (soccer) team. You and Kathryn jumped out of the way as Niall and Louis started throwing punches at the two jerks. They tried to run away but Louis grabbed their collars and threw them on the ground while Niall started kicking them. Everyone started chanting "Fight, Fight, Fight!" In less than 3 minutes Niall and Louis had the wimps at their every command.

"Now what do you say to our girlfriends?" hissed Niall.

"We're s-sorry" they whimpered. Niall and Louis looked at each other and smirked satisfied with what they had done.

"Now never touch our girlfriends again!" said Louis slamming the wrestlers face first at the lockers, then letting them go so they can run home and cry to their mommy's. Then Louis and Niall turned to you with concern washing over their faces.

"Are you okay, babe?" Niall said to Kathryn.

"What about you bane?" Louis asked you.

"We're okay now!" you exclaimed.]

"Ya, that was awesome boys. Thanks for saving out butts!" yelled Kathryn. The boys took your hands and kissed your cheeks.

"We promise they will never bother you again." said Louis. You and Kathryn smiled watching the crowds clear up since the fight was over. You all walked to lunch together as if nothing had happened, and the boys were right, The wrestling team captains never bothered you again!


(A/N) I hope you like it Bane, and Kathryn! Xx

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