Don`t Forget about me

Ashley is a senior at Forks High School and enjoys her normal teenage life, until her best friend Britney tells her about a new exchange student from Canada named Justin. She`s heard people say that he`s a bad influence, will Ashley hang with him, or try to avoid him?


10. chapter 9

 Later that morning...

 I woke up and ate cereal with Sam and Josh. After breakfast, I  took a shower, brushed my teeth, and changed and did my hair. I started to play on my keyboard, and started singing a song I made up in my head. Justin knocked at my window I smiled and opened the window. We kissed.

Ash: I hope you know you can used the door like any normal person.

Justin: But it`s fun climbing in your window. Come on.

Ash: where are we going?

Justin: you`ll see...

 We got in his car, and drove away. we got some lunch then we left, Justin, parked in front of a huge house. He helped me out the car. He opened the house door, and introduced me to his mom, dad, brother, and sister. They`re so sick. His mom and dad are so nice. Later, we went to his room, I sat on the bed, he got his guitar and started singing a song he wrote called " fall", it was actually good, after he sang to me, we lied down, cuddled and talked until sun down, we eventually fell asleep in each other`s arms. I was the first awoke, I looked at my phone, it`s 8:30! Justin woke up, and kissed me.

Justin: I should get you home.

Ash: yeah, I guess.

Justin: let`s go before it gets late.

Ash; ok.

 We got in his car and went home. Justin parked in my driveway. We kissed for like 2 minutes.

Justin: wait!

Ash: what?

Justin: I forgot to give you this. *gives Ashley her journal*

Ash: my journal! you`ve had all this time?

Justin: yeah, I was trying to give it back to you when you dropped it but you ran.

Ash: Did you read it?

Justin: .....only like.....10 pages.


Justin: what? you`re a good song writer.

Ash: thanks.

Justin: good-bye, baby. *kiss*

Ash: goodnight.

the next day....


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