Don`t Forget about me

Ashley is a senior at Forks High School and enjoys her normal teenage life, until her best friend Britney tells her about a new exchange student from Canada named Justin. She`s heard people say that he`s a bad influence, will Ashley hang with him, or try to avoid him?


9. chapter 8

 Justin: are you ready?

Ash: yeah *hears someone walking* shhh!

Sam: *knocks on door*

Justin: *grabs clothes, hides under bed*

Ash: *puts on shorts and shirt, opens door* yes?

Sam: * guess what?*

Ash: what?

Sam: there was a spider in my room, can I sleep wit you?

Ash: no kill it!

Sam: im scared!

Ash: ask josh!

Sam: no....

Ash: why?

Sam: because...either he`s jerking off, or he`s having phone sex with h.s gf, or he`s watching porn.

Ash: ew. that`s....disturbing.

Sam: please?
Ash: *sleep downstairs!

Sam: no, it`s scary down there when it`s dark. why cant I sleep with you?

Ash: *looks at closet* because.....I`m busy.

Sam: doing what?

Ash: ohhh...uhmm...

Justin:*sneeze* *whisper* shit.

Ash: *fake sneeze* I`m busy trying to make myself better I`m sick, goodnight! *closes door* *sighs* *opens closet* I think it`s time for you to go.

Justin: yeah, me too. *puts on clothes* Bye *kisses Ashley* *climbs out window*

Ashley: wait! Does this mean...we`re boyfriend/girlfriend now?

Justin; *smiles* yeah. see ya later...babe. *leaves*

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