Don`t Forget about me

Ashley is a senior at Forks High School and enjoys her normal teenage life, until her best friend Britney tells her about a new exchange student from Canada named Justin. She`s heard people say that he`s a bad influence, will Ashley hang with him, or try to avoid him?


8. chapter 7

 Sam+Josh: *smiles*

Ash: what?

Sam+Josh: *makes kissing noises*

Ash: *sighs* goodnight guys.

 Later that night....


Justin: *climbs up to the window, sees Ash, Smiles, opens window, climbs through window and shuts window*

Ash: *sleeping*

Justin: *locks Ash`s bedroom door, sits by Ash* *whisper* Ash? Ashley, wake up.

Ash: Justin, what`re you doing here, it`s 3:00 am?

Justin: I just wanted to see your beautiful face again.

Ash: but, Justin,-

Justin: shhh....* kisses Ashley*

Ash: *bites Justin`s lip*

Justin: *quiet moan, takes off shirt* *continues kissing* *sticks tongue in ash`s mouth*

Justin+Ashley: *takes off clothes*

Justin: Are you ready?

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