Don`t Forget about me

Ashley is a senior at Forks High School and enjoys her normal teenage life, until her best friend Britney tells her about a new exchange student from Canada named Justin. She`s heard people say that he`s a bad influence, will Ashley hang with him, or try to avoid him?


6. chapter 5

 The next day during school, I saw Britney talking to Chaz in the hallway. I ran to her, to talk.

Ash: So, Brit, where are we going tonight?

Brit: Oh, yeah, ummm...I forgot to tell you that Chaz and I are going out tonight...sorry. I`ll make it up to you I promise.

Ash: oh...ok, no problem, have fun.

 I slowly walked away and went to class. Justin saw the down look on my face so he sat by me and put his hand on mine.

Justin: what`s wrong, Ashley?

Ash: oh, nothing. I just don`t have anything to do tonight now that Britney is going out with Chaz.

Justin: she blew you off...

Ash+Justin: *awkward silence*

Justin: well, how about I take you out tonight?

Ash: no, it`s going to be awkward, im used to being with Brit every Friday.

Justin: oh, come on, it`ll be fun. How about after School, I`ll take you to get some Ice Cream, and I`ll walk you home, then around 6:00, I`ll come and pick you up?

Ash: ok.

Justin: good.

 Later that day...

*bell rings*

 I got my stuff out of my locker, Justin came running towards me, smiling.

Justin: are you ready?

Ash: yeah.

Justin: ok, good, let`s go.

 *ice cream parlor*

 We got our Ice Cream, and sat at a table, and started to eat our ice cream. 

Justin: how long have you and Britney been friends?

Ash: 10 years.

Justin: wow, that`s a long time.

Ash: yeah.

Justin: how long have you been writing?

Ash: I started writing when I turned 13.

Justin: cool. I write a little myself, but not as much, I mostly play my guitar and sing songs I know.

Ash: you sing?

Justin: yeah.

Ash: *smiles*

Justin: what?

Ash: Nothing.

Justin: *smiles* ok, you ready?

Ash: yeah.

 Justin walked me home, I ran upstairs to take a shower. After my shower, I went downstairs, smiling.

Sam: so...who is he?

Ash:*sighs* *smiles* I think, I`m falling for the new kid.

Sam: Justin?

Ash: Yes.

Sam: EEEP!! He is soo hot!

Ash: but, it`s not only his looks; he`s charming. Today he saw how sad I was and took me for Ice Cream. He`s taking me out tonight.

Sam: awe, Ashley, I`m so happy for you. I gotta tell Josh and mom!

Ash: NO! Don`t tell them anything! I`m not sure about Justin just yet, ok? Give me at least a month, and I`ll know if we`re....something, ok?

Sam: ok. *smiles* Thank you.

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