Don`t Forget about me

Ashley is a senior at Forks High School and enjoys her normal teenage life, until her best friend Britney tells her about a new exchange student from Canada named Justin. She`s heard people say that he`s a bad influence, will Ashley hang with him, or try to avoid him?


5. Chapter 4

 Me and Brit started running in the rain, by the 7th lap, I noticed two shadows under the bleachers, I stopped and, pulled Brit by the arm, making her stop running. I pointed at the shadows under the bleachers, we heard them cursing and saying "they saw us!" we ran under the bleachers, we saw Chaz and Justin,  my jaw dropped because I was surprised to see Justin, I wasn't surprised to see chaz because he`s always sneaking to see girls. I slapped Justin and Chaz, Britney pinched Justin! She kissed Chaz!!!

Ash: Brit? W-what`re you doing?

Brit: Didn't I tell you that chaz is my boyfriend?

Ash: no, you just said that you have a boyfriend.

Brit: well..Chaz is my boyfriend.

Ash: ohh...

 Talking about awkward moment. Chaz and Britney started making out under the bleachers so I continued running, then Justin joined me, he took off his raincoat and shirt, I looked over and saw his hot abbs, chest, and biceps. I shook my head and continued running.

Ash: why are you running? you weren`t late for class.

Justin: well, I didn't want to watch Chaz and Britney make-out under the bleachers, that`s awkward.

Ash: ohhhkay.

 We finished running and went back to class. Chaz and Brit ditched Justin and I. We were the only ones in the gymnasium.

Justin: are you busy tomorrow?

Ash: yes, I`m busy every Friday, me and brit go out every Friday.

Justin: what about Saturday night?

Ash: no, not really, just the usual; sittin in my room alone, writing, playing my guitar...except I wont be writing sense I lost my journal.

Justin: oh...well, *clears throat* I was wondering if...uh...uhmm..

Ash: what?

Justin: *sighs* can I join you? so you won`t have to alone?

Ash: ....Sure. 7:00 ok?

Justin: ok...I`ll be there.

Ash: ok.

 I walked away, and went home, smiling all the way home. I don`t know why but I was smiling like an idiot. As I got home I put my bag on the couch, Samantha saw my smile, as I was walking to the kitchen to get some water.

Sam: why are you so darn happy coming from school?

Ash: I`m not.

Sam: you`re smiling.

Ash: no, im not.

sam: yes, you are...

Ash: *no respond*

Sam: it`s a boy, isn`t it?

Ash: oh, god, no, I don't have time for boys.

Sam: I know if it`s a boy or not, and I can see it in your eyes, it`s a boy.

Ash: whatever.

Mom: bye, girls I wont be back for another month or so. Love ya!

Ash+Sam: love ya!

Josh: *comes from downstairs*

Ash*smiling, bites lip*

Josh: oh, sister is in love!

Ash: what?

Josh: who is it?

Ash: no one.

Josh: listen, me and Emily (his gf) have been together for 2 years now, and I think about everyday and night, and when I do, I smile like an idiot, it`s a sign of love. Who is he?

Ash: No onnne!!

Sam: where is Emily anyway?

Josh: college.

Sam: oh.

Ash *rolls eyes sighs*

 The next day....

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