Don`t Forget about me

Ashley is a senior at Forks High School and enjoys her normal teenage life, until her best friend Britney tells her about a new exchange student from Canada named Justin. She`s heard people say that he`s a bad influence, will Ashley hang with him, or try to avoid him?


3. Chapter 2

 When I got home, Josh and Sam were playing Just Dance 4, I laughed at the fact that Josh was losing big time. He sat on the couch and gave up.

Josh: How was school, Ash?

Ash: Eh...

Sam: wanna play?

Ash: I`ll make a rain check. I have some things to do.

Sam: ok.

 I went to my bed room, and got my acoustic guitar, I started singing a song called "Boyfriend" it goes like this:

Ash: if you were my boyfriend I`d never let you go, I can take you places you aint never been before baby take a chnce or you`ll never ever know I got money in my hand that I`d really like to blow swag swag swag on you...

 I was thinking on what else to add, but nothing came to mind. I shrugged and put my guitar in the closet. I changed into a purple tank top, gray yoga pants, and black and purple footies. I threw my hair into a ponytail and threw myself onto my big comfy bed. I closed my eyes for ten minutes, then heard Josh knocking on my door. I sighed and opened it.

Ash: what?

Josh: Britney came over and said that someone is going to come over later. She said that the guy needed a tutor or something and she can`t tutor him because she has to babysit.

Ash: so, he`s coming over later or me to tutor him?

Josh: yea

Ash: *sigh* ok.

Josh: ok. *leaves*


I closed my door, and lied back down on my bed, then again someone knocks at my door. I let out a exaggerated sigh and open the door, only I didn't see Josh, or Sam, and it wasn`t mom. Yes, you`ve guessed it. Justin. I so didn't want to see him.

Ash: what`re you doing here?

Justin: Britney said that you would tutor me.

Ash: ohh...right. ok, come in.

 Justin walked in with his book bag, I closed the door and sat on my bed cris crossed. Justin just stood.

Ash: aren`t you going to sit?

Justin: on your bed?

Ash: where else?

Justin: uhmm...

Ash: take off your shoes and sit on the bed, it`s not that hard.

Justin: I know. *takes off shoes*

Ash: then why were you just standing there?

Justin: I don`t know.

Ash: o-kay. what do you need help on?

Justin: Math.

Ash: ok. *looks at Justin`s work*

Justin: *stares at Ashley*

Ash: *sees Justin from the corner of her eye* *sigh* what`re you starring at?

Justin: sorry, I was just starring into your beautiful eyes.

Ash: oh...umm....thanks, I guess.

Justin: Did I do anything wrong on my homework?

Ash: Not really, you just need to work explaining how you got your answers.

Justin: Do you have a boyfriend?

Ash: No, and I`m not planning on getting one anytime soon.

Justin: why not?

Ash: No offence but boys are scumbags, cheaters, no good, liars, and only looks for one thing in a girl. And once you give a boy your heart he`ll step on it and smash it right in front of you.

Justin: not ALL boys.

Ash: surrre.

Justin: I`m not gonna`re a beautiful girl, and a guy that breaks your heart is clearly stupid, and blind.

Ash: thanks...

Justin+Ash: *stares into each other`s eyes, moves in close*





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