Don`t Forget about me

Ashley is a senior at Forks High School and enjoys her normal teenage life, until her best friend Britney tells her about a new exchange student from Canada named Justin. She`s heard people say that he`s a bad influence, will Ashley hang with him, or try to avoid him?


16. chapter 15

I ran towards the car and saw the person`s hand, they had a cross tattoo on their wrist...BRITNEY!!

I quickly opened the car, and pulled Britney`s bloody body out of the car, I kneeled down with her, holding her hand, I started crying.

Ash: *crying* Britney...

Brit: ....A-ash....I`m going to be fine....stop crying...

Justin: I`ll call 911.

Brit: *eyes close*

Ash: *cries* don`t die on me....

 Hours later....

*Britney`s hospital room, Justin is in the hallway letting ash and brit talk privately)

Ash: how do you feel?

Brit: Like complete shit.

Ash: how did this all happen?

Brit: ....I was on the phone arguing with Chaz because I caught him cheating on me last night, I hung up the phone and saw someone stand in front of the car, like they were TRYING to kill me, or their selves.

Ash: did you see who it was?

Brit: he...kinda looked like Justin.

Ash: *sighs* Brit-

Brit: Now, I`m saying that it was him, I just said he looked like him...but-

Ash: But? No. That`s impossible, I was with Justin, and he honestly wouldn't try to hurt you he actually wants to be friends with you but you turn him away.

Brit: Really?

Ash: yes.

Brit: oh...I feel terrible now.

Justin: *knocks on door*

Brit: come in!

Justin: you feel?

Brit: Like shit...listen...I know I`ve said things about you that`s possibly not true, and I`m sorry.

Justin: it`s fine...are we good?

Brit: yes.

Ash: you hungry?

Brit: yea!

Ash: I`ll get you something from Pizza Shack.

Brit: great, thanks!

Ash: come on Justin.

Justin: Coming.

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