Don`t Forget about me

Ashley is a senior at Forks High School and enjoys her normal teenage life, until her best friend Britney tells her about a new exchange student from Canada named Justin. She`s heard people say that he`s a bad influence, will Ashley hang with him, or try to avoid him?


2. Chapter 1

 I wake up at 6:00 in the morning, take my shower, curl my hair, brush my teeth, and change into my clothes; ripped purple skinny jeans, black boots, and plaid blouse.

My mom was already at work when I went downstairs, so it was just my brother and sister.

Josh: Morning , Ash.

Sam: morning, sis.

Ash: Morning.

Sam: hungry?

Ash: I`ll skip. Thanks, though. What time mom is going to be home?

Josh: Really late. She`s working with One Direction.

Ash: ohhh. I better get to school before I`m late. I have a test today.

Sam+Josh: good luck!

Ash: thanks.

 I grabbed my bag, and put on my Jackie and put on my hoodie, and started walking to school. On the way to school, Brit jumps on my back, we laugh, as I stumble, trying to keep my balance.

Brit: guess what?

Ash: what?

Brit: Michelle called me around 5:00 and told me that a new exchange student is going to our school today, and I heard that he`s a total hottie.

Ash: well, she would know, since she`s the principal`s daughter.

Brit: yeah...

* Mr. Spencer`s class*


 I sat down I my original front row seat and started writing down my notes in my notebook.

Mr. Spencer: class, we have a new student from Canada, his name is Justin. Justin please introduce yourself

I didn't lit my head up to look at Justin, but I did listen to him.

Justin: hey, I`m Justin Bieber. Obviously I`m from Canada, and I just turned 18 3 weeks ago, and yeah, that`s it, swaggy, wanna know more just ask.

Mr. Spencer: OK, Justin, sit behind Ashley, Ashley raise your hand.

Ash: *whisper* oh god... *raises hand*

Justin: *sits behind Ashley* Hi, Ashley.

Ash: hi.

 I was praying for this period to go by fast, I kept looking at the clock every 10 minutes, I didn't want to sit near Justin because he sounds like a jerk to me. Finally the bell rang I was in so much of a rush to leave that I dropped my books and notebooks and my private journal, Justin kneeled to help me we touched hands, I looked at him, and quickly ran, being embarrassed that I dropped my stuff, he probably thinks I'm a clutz. I felt my cheeks turning red. I walked to my next class, which is health, I walked in and saw Justin, I bit my lip, and tried to avoid him by sitting in the back. Class after class after class Justin has the new class with me. Even gym! I walked to the girl`s locker to change.

Brit: well, Michelle was right, the new kid is hot. You should go out with him.

Ash: me? no. He`s not my type, plus he looks like a guy that goes from one girl to another. I`m not getting heart-broken again. Why don't you date him?

Brit: because I already have a boyfriend.

Ash: ohh...well we better get to class before coach dimmey makes run 10 laps in the rain again.

Brit: ok.

 We went to the gymnasium and did some stretches as the coach tells us what to do. As I was bending down to touch my toes, I saw Justin looking at me, he quickly looked away. I quickly got up. The coach said that we were to play basketball, girls vs. boys, great just great, we started playing basketball, we lost against the boys, as I was drinking my water, Justin was talking to some guys, he was all sweaty, and his biceps were...wait! what am I saying? I quickly change into my regular clothes getting ready to go home. I walked to my locker, and grabbed my stuff, as I closed it, Justin walked passed me and winked. I rolled my eyes and walked away, since Brit is going to stay for cheer practice.





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