My Life (Whats Going on in my life

I'm going to write about what is going on about my life i'll update very day


3. Chapter 3

I decided to not go to school today since it was half a day. I woke up at 2:30 something because someone was knocking on my bedroom door. "Come in." i mumbled sitting up to see the door open. "Hey Jasmine." Brandon said with his girlfriend Faith with him. "Hey Brand hey faith." i said as Camryn and Dawson "Hi Camryn hi Babe." i said laying back down as Dawson took off his shoes and cuddled with me and camryn sat at the end onf my bed and Brandon and Faith sitting on my couch "What's up?"  i asked cuddling more into Dawson. "Remeber were sleeping over the whole spring break." they said "Well where are your bags?" i asked. "Mr. Evans took them" (Mr.Evans is my Butler) "Okay." "Are you just waking up?" Faith asked. "Yurp." i smiled licking my lips. "Oh and Ryan is coming over too." Camryn said turning red as a tomato "And you guys better not do anything or i'll beat your ass." Dawson said  "Aww so overprotective." I said kissing him "You're not suppose to help him!" she giggled "So what are we gonna do?" Faith asked.  "I don't know Kings dominion opened today we should go." i said "Okay" She said "Go get ready guys" I said "I didn't bring a suit." Faith said "Look in my drawer i have like 24." i said walking into my bathroom. I took a shower, washed my hair and body then got out. I grabbed a towel dried off and went into my room to see Brandon standing there ready to go "Get out Brandon i'm not ready yet and i gotta get dressed. "Okayyyy!" he said skipping out i walked into the closet and went to the back grabbing my cover-up it was a Cheetah print type robe thing. I have one to match all my bathing suits.  I went into my room and grabbed my bathing suit from my draw. I put them on then grabbed my cheetah print flip flops and an beach bag putting stuff in it then going downstairs. To see Faith Brandon and Dawson "Where's Cami?" i asked and as soon as i asked the front door opened her and Ryan coming in Ryan already wearing his swim suit. "Hi Ryan." i said "Hi" he siad waving and then we all walked out getting into my parents van. Me and Dawson in the front, Faith and Brandon in the middle and Ryan and Camryn in the Back. 

--------After car ride-----------

me and Cami and Faith got out of the car jumping up and down when we got out of the car. "Oh My gosh this i going to be so fun !" i said as we went through the thing giving them the money. Dawson paid for me, Brandon paid for faith, and Ryan paid for cami. "So are we swimming or Riding first?" i asked. "Rides." Dawson said since we all had split up and decided to go to the car at 7 o' clock then go out to eat at Teppanyaki the chinease resteraunt. I walked up to the anacoda and said "Let's do this one." i said "You sure?" dawson said as i leaned into his shoulder. "Yea i'm sure." okay he said as we walked to the short line. As we walked up they got our tickets and rode on it.

----after playing around---

I walked to the car with dawson hand in hand eating cotton candy. When we got to the car Everyone was there.

----(We ate when we got home we went to sleep or at least i'm about to and the picture on the front is me)

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