My Life (Whats Going on in my life

I'm going to write about what is going on about my life i'll update very day


2. Chapter 2

I Got up at 7:45 because i stayed up till' 3. I ran to my closet and grabbed some clothes My red button down shirt over a red undershirt with black leggings and my black uggs. i went into the bathroom and took off all my clothes and hopped in the shower washing my hair and myself. I grabbed my towel when i got out turning off the shower and drying myself off i put on my clothes and washed my face then put on some blush, eye line, mascara and eye shadow with lip gloss. When i was done i grabbed the blow dryer and flat iron and did my hair. After that i walked downstairs and got my book bag and computer then, made breakfast. I put a waffle in the toaster and ate it then i put some sausages in the micorwave and ate it. I sat on the couch and turned on the tv and turned to On Demand and watched half an episode of BGC (Bad Girls Club) I heard a knock at the door and opened it seeing Camryn and Dawson. "Dawson!" i said hugging him. Dawson was Camryn's older brother and also my boyfriend. I know what your thinking my best friends brother is the one for me. Well, maybe i don't know.  he hugged back and kissed me on the cheek then lips "So your driving us to school right?" i asked Dawson. "Yup." he nodded putting an arm around my waist i smiled and sat in the back seat with camryn. "How do you like my brother he is such an ass." she giggled "well then Jazz why do you like my sister she's such a bitch." he said to her "Don't talk to her like that and don't talk to him like that damn" i mumbled. "Sorry Jazz" they both said "Love you" they both said again "And i love you guys too. When we pulled upt o school i got out the car holding Dawson's hand and walking into school "Jazzy!" "Brandon!" i yelled hugging him one hand still in Dawson's the other around Brandon. "What's up!" i said. "Nothing." he smiled "I see you and your boo boo don't even got time for me umf" he said running his fingers through his quiff Brandon was really cute. He had a quiff that was flowy then some hair gelled to the side and the rest quiffy kind've like zayn malik he had perfect teeth, two dimples and he was funny but he wasn't my type but he was perfect for his girlfriend Faith.  Dawson was more my type he had dark brown hair that flip to the side One dimple on his right cheek perfect Green eyes just like his sister Small but lushish lips and a cute nose (I'll put pictures up on my tumblr and i'll give you my tumblr) I walke dto my locker with Dawson and Brandon opening it as Dawson said he had to go "Okay love ya." "i lvoe you too" I kissed him and the pulled away biting my lips. " i stopped and turned back to my locker

After school

"Hey babe." i said as i layed on my bed. "Hey what ar eyou doing?" he asked "Nothing you." "Nothing either." "Why'd you leave school early?" he asked "Cause' my tummy started hurting." "Aww your so cute" he said and i could hear him smiling "I love you." i said "I love you too." he said "I'm goign to do my laundry and clean my room you should come over." i said "Okay i'll be there in 10' HE SAID "bye." "BYE" I hung up and grabbed my laundry from my bathroom and ran downstairs to the first floor and put my clothes in the washer. DING-DONG i ran up the stair screaming i got it then opening the door to see Camryn too. "Camryn Danson!" i yelled hugging them both as we went up to my 'Never was dirty room'.

-We hung out and watched movies

(Tommorow is a half day for me so i'll update half and half tommorow and thats me in the picture)


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