My Life (Whats Going on in my life

I'm going to write about what is going on about my life i'll update very day


1. Chapter 1


My alarm said on my i phone. I ran to my big brothers room (He's one year older i'm 15 he's 17 it's just my b-day is in July an his is in Jan. so yunno) "Get up!" "i'm up" he said Rolling over and hoping out of bed. I ran to my room taking a quick shower washing my hair and my body then getting out. I got out the shower putting my towel on and looking in my closet for an outfit. I wore My black leggings and my ripped skinny jeans over it then i had my gray shirt that when i lifted my arms it showed my belly button and it had diamonds on the top of the sleeves and stopped at my elbow then i wore a scarf with black then i wore my red varsity jacket with my red toms. I put my hair in a messy bun and took two parts out from the front. I grabbed my laptop and books and put them in my tiny purple book bag. i walked downstairs tossing my bag on the couch and walked into the kitchen grabbing my phone out of my back pocket and texting my friends while waiting for a waffle. "Hey hun." my dad said kissing my head "Hi." i said not looking up from my phone finishing my text to Camryn. "Well, bye i off to work i got a case in an hour and if i'm late i guess the mans going to jail but he's a good guy." my dad said grabbing his brief case and going outside. My dad is a lawyer so we get a lot of money plus my moms a surgeon. My brother ran down the stair and said "Let's go i got practice early!" he yelled grabbing his jacket "Whatever i said putting my waffle on a plate." my brother was on the basketball team and it's in season right now since they were re -building my school during it's real season. But, all they really do is practice and get ready for next year. I went into The car as we drove to school it was about a 3 minute drive so it wasn't very long. i got out and walked into school wandering around school until 9:00. When it was 9:00 i walked to my locker and saw Brandon waiting for me at my locker "Hey." i said hugging him He loves hugs. "Hey Gurl." he said unlocking his locker "Do you have anything planned for today after school." "no, why?" i said putting the books i needed in my book bag  and walking with him to Mrs. Shelton's class. "You don't remeber!" he gasped "No, Should I?" "Yes, Love you should" He smilied at me "Oh, Shit i am so sorry!" i said "Okay of course we'll go but your taking me because my brother has practice. " i said smiling "Bye" i said hugging him then walking away he loves hugs "Jasmine!" Camryn yelled "Cami!" 

--------------After School---------------

I walked to Brandon's car and waited for him as if on que he came out "Hey'S" he said

(We went to the movies then shopping i got lazy and had to pee oops ^.^)

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