{Harry Styles fanfic}
(Short-Story: maybe)

Description: Hally is a songwriter and she's in a band, The Sorcerers. She has long brown curly hair, she is tan, brown eyed, and has extremely long eye lashes. She has trust issues. When she was 16 her life changed completely. She's now 19 and still has trust issues. One night When she was playing at a pub she met the most beautiful curly haired green eyed boy. She couldn't control the pull she felt towards him. She was in love but she didn't want to admit it.

Harry is happy and he's in the band One Direction. Harry doesn't let much bother him. He hasn't dated in a while. When one night he sees her. She's gorgeous. She happened to be doing a gig at the pub him and his band were at. Maybe dating isn't such a bad idea now.....

Can she trust him or will what her dad did get in the way of their relationship?


1. Meet Me

Chapter 1

Looking out my apartment widow I strum lightly on my electric guitar singing along to a song that was stuck in my head. "I walked across an empty land. I knew the pathway like the back of my hand. I felt the earth beneath my feet. Sat by the river and it made me complete. Oh simple thing where have you gone. I'm getting old and I need something to rely on. So tell me when you're gonna let me in I'm getting tired and I need somewhere to begin!" I kept singing letting the song take over me completely. I loved the way the song ran through me like it was a part of me. Singing like this was my escape from the world. "Somewhere only we know." I sang finishing the song. Sinking farther into the couch I thought to myself, Why don't I become a singer or join a band? "Because I'm not good enough, well at least I think I'm not. " I say sadly. "You are good enough! I love your songs!" Mandie says happily walking into the living room and sitting on the couch. "So you like my songs?" I ask. "Yes! They really are AmaZayn!" Mandie exclaims giggling. I roll my eyes. "What is it with you and One Direction? I don't even know who they are nor have I heard them before!" I say annoyed. She just laughs and gets up from the couch going into the kitchen. "Hey wanna go to the mall with me?" She asks. "Yea sure. Holds on let me get ready." I say walking upstairs to my room. Closing the door I strip down and quickly get into the shower. 

I get out of the shower and quickly put my clothes on and do my make up. I stare at my hair in the mirror thinking about what I should do with it. I throw my long curly brown hair into a lose pony tail. I grab some money and my purse. I run down the stairs. "Hey I'm ready! Let me get something to eat first." I say walking to the fridge grabbing a smoothie. I walk to the car and get in the passenger seat. I buckle my seat belt and turn the radio on. It's Time by Imagine Dragons starts playing. I start singing along. Mandie starts singing with me. I laugh and dance to the music. We arrived at the mall and we walked into a couple of places and we went to Bannana Republic, and I didn't find much. I had a big bag from Victorias Secret, another bag from Sophora, and a bag from Forever 21. "Hey Mandie after this can we get something to eat and hurry home? We have a gig tonight." I say. Yes I'm in a band. "Yes we can! I totally forgot about that!" She says. "Ok well hurry we still have to help the guys set up." I say. I wait at the front of the store for Mandie to get done shopping. We walk back to the car getting inside and hastily getting out of the parking lot and going back home. We shower and drive to the pub. 

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