{Harry Styles fanfic}
(Short-Story: maybe)

Description: Hally is a songwriter and she's in a band, The Sorcerers. She has long brown curly hair, she is tan, brown eyed, and has extremely long eye lashes. She has trust issues. When she was 16 her life changed completely. She's now 19 and still has trust issues. One night When she was playing at a pub she met the most beautiful curly haired green eyed boy. She couldn't control the pull she felt towards him. She was in love but she didn't want to admit it.

Harry is happy and he's in the band One Direction. Harry doesn't let much bother him. He hasn't dated in a while. When one night he sees her. She's gorgeous. She happened to be doing a gig at the pub him and his band were at. Maybe dating isn't such a bad idea now.....

Can she trust him or will what her dad did get in the way of their relationship?


2. chapter 2

Chapter 2

"Hey Hally! Come help us set up." Blue says. I walk over and help Blue set up the microphone. I look over at him. He's gorgeous. He has clear blue eyes, some freckles, medium length eyelashes, straight white teeth, shaggy blonde hair, he is tan, and has strong jaw. He's pretty much all muscle and bone. He's really tall. "Thinking about me eh?" He says teasingly. I smile and lightly punch his arm. He fakes hurt. I just laugh and tune my guitar. "So I was thinking that maybe you and Mandie could be the singers tonight?" He says more as a statement than a question. "Sure but exactly what will we be singing?" I ask. I would love to sing, it just really depends what we sing. "We're singing Blown Away. You're the main singer. Mandies the echo. Ok? Also Ben will be doing the background music like always and me and you will play guitar and of course Taylor will be doing the drums." He said cautiously. I smiled and jumped on him hugging him hard (Taylor is a guy.). "Yes Yes!!!! I've never been the main singer before!! Is Mandie ok with this?" I asked worried. "She's good with it. She even said she didn't want to do it because she couldn't hit the high or low notes." He said smiling. We started practicing more songs that we were going to do and once we were exhausted we took a break, we had about an hour until show time. I sat down on the couch they had in the back. I close my eyes resting myself. I get up and redo my make up. I fix my sloppy clothes. Looking in the mirror I smile and walk out the door going to find my crew. 



Hey kittens! Sorry for my extremely short chapters! i will try and make them as long as possible!! comment what you want and i will improve or makes any changes that are incorrect! so please comment on this  and tell me what i need to do better and tell me if you like it love it hate! twerk!! ;P

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